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By Department Utility Services

Report Water Waste: How do I report water waste/water running down the sidewalk/someone watering on a day d...
Common examples of water waste include:Water flowing off private propertyWatering outside of yo... (more)

I am a property manager/realtor/other agent: How do I change the mailing address or start/stop service at a...
Service Requests from property managers, realtors, or other agents must submit one case per ... (more)

Water/Sewer Service: How do I start and/or stop residential water/sewer service?
Requests to start or stop a residential service from individual U.S. citizens may be processed by contacting the Departm... (more)

High Bill Due to Leak: I discovered and repaired a major leak at my property. Can I request an adjustment t...
... (more)

How can I pay my bill?
The City of Henderson offers a variety of options for paying your utility bill: 1) ... (more)

City of Henderson Supplement to SNWA Water Smart Landscapes (WSL) Rebate:
... (more)

Hydrant Meter Set: Submit Set Request
Find the hydrant # HERE. You are required to review the ... (more)

Water/Sewer Bill Discounts: Can I receive a discount on my water/sewer bill?
The City of Henderson offers the following utility discount programs to qualifying customers: Low-Income D... (more)

Leak Adjustment Program: I have requested an adjustment. If my request is approved, how much of an adjustme...
... (more)

I am a property manager/realtor/other agent: How can I get immediate service at a property?
Standard working days are Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays. Same day service initiation is generally availabl... (more)

Car and Surface Washing: Can I wash my car at home?
Washing of personal vehicles at residential properties is limited to one day per week with the use of a positive shut-of... (more)

How do I get a water meter installed at a newly constructed home?
The City will install meters up to 2" in size for new developments. In order to schedule a meter install, please submit ... (more)

Draining Pools and Spas: Can I drain my pool or spa into the street? How do I locate my sewer port?
Before you drain your pool, consult with your pool professional and check your pool chemistry. It may be time to drain y... (more)

Water Pressure Problem: I think I have a problem with my water pressure.
Do you have a water softener?Many pressure problems are associated with malfunctioning or improp... (more)

Utility Information: I need information regarding power, phone, cable, and/or trash.
The Customer Service phone number for NV Energy is 702-402-5555. Click here for their website: ... (more)

Hydrant Meter Pull: Submit Pull Request
Click on Tab 3: "Enter Your Request".The following information will be required to complete your request:... (more)

Lawn/Turf Removal: What programs are available for funding turf removal?
The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) will rebate customers $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with d... (more)

I am a property manager/Realtor/other agent: How do I update/change my account information?
In order to update or change current account information such as an emergency contact phone number or the address where ... (more)

How do I attach a picture or other file to my request?
When putting a request into Contact Henderson, you may attach up to 3 additional files. To do this, click on the ... (more)

Hydrant Meter Annual Permit Verification: When do I need to submit a NEW permit?
Hydrant meters are a temporary form of water for a project. If a project is ongoing after the permit expires you must su... (more)

Lawn / Turf Installation: Can I reseed my lawn? How do I request an exemption to water my reseeded lawn?
Learn how properly reseeding your lawn can improve its health and appearance by reviewing the brochure, ... (more)

Watering schedule: What is my watering schedule?
Residential and commercial landscape irrigation is restricted on Sunday and on certain number of days per week base... (more)

Verify identity: Why am I asked to verify my identity when I apply for water service?
On January 1, 2008, The Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Bank Regulatory Agencies, and the National Credit Union Ad... (more)

Water Line Repair and Maintenance: What part of the water line am I responsible to maintain/repair? I have...
Per Henderson Municipal Code (HMC) 14.03.020D: �The customer is responsible for all plumbing, pipi... (more)

Potential Waterline Leak: How do I check for a leak?
If you have unusually high water usage on your bill and you think you have a leak, here are some things to check:... (more)

Water Line "Insurance": I received a letter about water line insurance, what should I know to make an infor...
A company called HomeServe has been soliciting residents to purchase an "insurance policy” that covers... (more)

Demand Request: I need to request a demand showing the full amount due at a property or to clear a lien on ...
Our Department of Utility Services Customer Care Center can help you. Please submit your request below (one address per ... (more)

How do I start and/or stop commercial/irrigation water service
Requests to start or stop a commercial/irrigation water service should be submitted by completeing a case in Contact Hen... (more)

Public Tours: When are public tours of the City's water reclamation facilities and water treatment plant of...
Public tours of the City’s water reclamation facilities and water treatment plant are offered on Tuesdays betwe... (more)

Builder/Developer Meter Installs: Why does it ask for information on the size of the meter box?
Building code regulation underwent some significant changes which took effect July 1, 2011. Many properties may need to ... (more)

Service Verification: FOR REPUBLIC STAFF ONLY
Please provide the full customer name and street address you are inquiring about. Multiple customers and addresses may b... (more)

Developer Requests: How can a developer request an irrigation meter install?
Submit a request through Contact Henderson using the topic: Water & Sewer, subtopic: Developer Irrigation Meter Install.... (more)

Trash Pick up: Why do I have to have trash picked up at a residence if it is unoccupied?
Per Henderson Municipal Code 5.17.220, it is mandatory to utilize and pay for solid waste (trash) collection at any prem... (more)

I am a non-US citizen. How do I start/stop service to my property in Henderson?
International customers must submit service requests through a case in Contact Henderson. You will need to attach a curr... (more)

Sewer Odors: I smell a sewer odor. How do I report it?
While sewers, by nature, have an unpleasant odor, you should not be able to smell sewer odor at a home or business. Sewe... (more)

Vault Shutdown: Can I request a vault shutdown?

Developer Requests: How can a developer request a commercial meter install?
Submit a request through Contact Henderson using the topic: Water & Sewer, subtopic: Developer Commercial Meter Install.... (more)

Franchise for trash pickup service: Why is Republic Services the only company with a franchise to provide t...
Federal and state regulations mandate environmentally sound solid waste collection and disposal. As such, it is declared... (more)

Broken Water/Sewer Line: I need to report a broken water line/sewer line/main.
Broken water lines, sewer lines, and/or mains should NOT be entered as cases or reported via email. All such issues sho... (more)

Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance: How do I request a repair to a fire hydrant? How do I find out if fire...
Utility Field Operations maintains all public fire hydrants in the City of Henderson. For maintainance schedules, to in... (more)

Custom Home Early Meter Install: Custom Home Early Meter Install.
Although custom home Construction Water service locat... (more)

Manage utility account online: I want to manage my utility account online. Where do I start?
To manage your utility account online, you will need a valid email address and a copy of your City of Henderson Utility ... (more)

Water/Sewer Locations: How can I determine the closest available water and sewer for a property?
Please contact Utility Services New Development at 702-267-3670 Monday-Thursday 7:30-5:30, and provide an address or par... (more)

UDAC Requirements: Where can I obtain a copy of the UDACS requirements?
Links to the UDACS standards and other requirements for design and construction of water and sewer infrastructure within... (more)

Wastewater/Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance: What part of the wastewater/sewer line am I responsible to ma...
Per Henderson Municipal Code (HMC) 14.04.020D: "The customer is responsible for all plumbing, piping, and appurtenances ... (more)

Cross-Connection Control Requirements: What is the purpose of a backflow assembly? Are there State or City...
When a connection is made to the public water system, the water should flow from the distribution system to the customer... (more)

Lawn/Turf Installation: Can I plant grass in my yard?
The installation of new turf in residential front yards, common areas, medians and non-residential developments is prohi... (more)

Stopping my Trash Service: How do I get a copy of my closing water bill so that I can cancel my trash ser...
Closing bills are mailed to the address provided within 2-3 business days after water service disconnection is scheduled... (more)

Change login email: How do I change the email address I use to log in and view my utility account?
To change your email address, log in to your account and click on ... (more)

Water Odor/Color/Taste: I think I have a problem with my water. How do I test it?
Do you smell odor when the faucet is turned on? By far, the most common cause of this type of pr... (more)

Watering Schedules for Golf Courses: Why do golf courses water on the wrong days?
The majority of water used to irrigate Henderson golf courses is reclaimed (cleaned and highly treated) wastewater, and ... (more)

Dumping in Manholes : Are people allowed to dump into manholes? How do I report that?
Only public employees may access public manholes for maintenance, monitoring, or other activities. Please call the Depar... (more)

Sewer back-up: I have a sewer back-up and the plumber states it is on the city side. Who do I contact?
During regular business hours, Monday through Thursday from 7:30am until 5:30pm, please contact Department of Utility Se... (more)

New account online access: I just started water/sewer service. When will I be able to register to manage m...
You may register to manage your utility account online within two (2) business days (Mon-Thur) after your service has st... (more)

Insurance Protection Letter: Does the City recommend any company for insurance
We are aware that one or more companies have been soliciting residents to purchase an "insurance policy" that covers rep... (more)

Reporting Problems: How do I report sprinklers located on city property spraying water onto a street?
Our Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department can address your concerns. The number is 702-267-4000. ... (more)

Meter Resize Requests: How do I request a meter resize?
The City of Henderson is currently offering eligible customers the opportunity to resize their water meter. Prior to r... (more)

Water Quality: Why does the Las Vegas Valley have hard water?
Our water meets and/or exceeds every Federal and State water quality standard. The “hardness,” although n... (more)

Commercial Property Meter Test Request:  How do I request a Meter Test?
In order to request a Commercial Property Test request you will need:Account Number, EIN, have sched... (more)

Calculation of Water/Sewer Fees: How do I calculate the water and sewer fees for my project?
Please click here for the Department of... (more)

Septic System Pool Draining Notification: I am on a septic system. Am I allowed to drain my pool into ...
... (more)

Septic Permits: How do I request a letter to submit to the Southern Nevada Health District to obtain a sept...
Once the building permit application and plans are submitted, Utility Services will prepare a letter regarding sewer ava... (more)

Sewer Manhole Lid/Water Valve Cover Out of Place: What do I do if I see sewer manhole lid or water valve co...
Thank you for your inquiry to Contact Henderson. Displaced sewer manhole lids and water valve cover concerns should NO... (more)

Electronic Water Bill: How can I receive an E-Bill or set up AutoPay?
E-Bill IS HERE! We've made managing your account faster, easier, and more eco-friendly!You can enroll in E-Bill ... (more)

Sand/Oil/Grease Interceptor : How do I clean my sand/oil/grease interceptor? Does the City have any requ...
Per Henderson Municipal Code 14.09(E), interceptors shall be thoroughly pumped out and cleaned as needed at an appropria... (more)

I am a landlord or property manager: How can I monitor the water and sewer accounts at my properties?
The ... (more)

Civil Plan Status: What is the status of the Utility Services review on my civil plan?
Civil plans are reviewed on a 3-3-1 schedule from the time of submittal: 1st reviews and 2nd reviews have a three week t... (more)

Water and Sewer fees: When are water and sewer fees due for a project?
Some water and sewer fees, such as SNWA fees, are collected prior to mylar submittal of civil improvement plans. Other ... (more)

Dumping Chemicals: Is it illegal to dump chemicals or other items into the public sewer? How do I report...
Per Henderson Municipal Code 14.09.030, before discharge to the city's publicly-owned treatment works, a new user must s... (more)

Flume Smart Leak Detector: I purchased a Flume smart leak detector device, and it is not compatible w...
... (more)

Building Permit Status: How do I check the status of my building permit?
Review schedules for building permits vary by permit type, and the review target date is available online by clicking he... (more)

Water Coming up through the asphalt: Who do I contact?
Please complete a Contact Henderson case. After hours, weekends or holidays, contact the City of Henderson Police Dispa... (more)

Developer Requests: How can a developer request to stop their service?
Submit a request through Contact Henderson using the topic: Water & Sewer, subtopic: Developer Disconnect.Discon... (more)

Watering Schedules for Parks: Why do parks water on the wrong days?
Some City of Henderson parks may be watered outside the geographically assigned watering days for the surrounding area. ... (more)

Bees: Where do I call to report bees in my meter box?
If you have found bees on your property, you can call the Clark County Bee Hotline at 702-229-2000. If you have found ... (more)

Grease: What should I do with my cooking grease?
Never pour cooking grease down a sink drain. Grease should be allowed to cool put into a plastic container, or old milk... (more)

Remove login email: How do I remove my email address from a utility account?
If you no longer require access to a utility account that is registered to your email address, you may ... (more)

Change/forgot password: How do I change my password? What if I cannot remember my password?
To change your password, log in to your account and click on Ma... (more)

Help with security question: I cannot remember my security question/answer. Help!
To view your security question/answer, log in to your account and ... (more)

Bursting Pipes/Freezing Water Temperatures: What do I do when my pipes or backflow burst due to freezing te...
The City is not responsible for making these repairs.If the break is located at the back flow:Turning of... (more)

Commercial Sewer Odor: I smell sewer odor coming from a business. What should I do?
While sewers, by nature, have an unpleasant odor, you should not be able to smell sewer odor at a business. Sewer odors ... (more)

Community Use Recreational Turf Area (CURTA): How do I know if an area qualifies for the CURTA program? Wha...
a.  How do I know if an area qualifies for the CURTA program?... (more)