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Bursting Pipes/Freezing Water Temperatures: What do I do when my pipes or backflow burst due to freezing temperatures?

The City is not responsible for making these repairs.

If the break is located at the back flow:

Turning off water at the back flow that are above ground and exposed to the weather if pipe burst

• Usually located in or outside a garage.

• The backflow has two handles that appear as T-shape levers. Rotate either of the handles in a clock wise direction, using a wrench. This should shut the water off to allow for you to repair backflow or other broken pipe. You can utilize a landscaper or plumber to perform the necessary repairs. There may be resistance in moving this handle. The device may have been in service a long time and the valves may never have been turned. If unable to turn the handle to shut off water, you will have to shut off water at main meter.
If the break is in the irrigation or other water line:

Turning off water at the main meter:

• This will shut off water in both the home and outside.

• First locate the main meter. Most meters can be found in the sidewalk in front of your home. The lid to the meter box should state City of Henderson or Water. You will need a long handled screw driver to lift up the lid.

• Lift lid. You will either see a meter with a handle or one that has two rings, one on each side of the meter. If you have a handle on your meter, simply turn handle clockwise. This should shut the water completely off.

• If you have a meter with two rings, one on each side, pull together the rings so that it now appears as a circle with a hole in the middle. That should stop the water flow.
After you have made the necessary repairs, reverse the steps above to restore water service.