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Potential Waterline Leak: How do I check for a leak?

If you have unusually high water usage on your bill and you think you have a leak, here are some things to check:

• Check all sprinkler and bubbler heads to ensure that they are not broken or missing and applying more water than expected.

• Check your watering clock to ensure that it is actually running only as intended. Most watering clocks have 3 different programs which can run concurrently. Any power outage or fluctuation can cause the clock to reset to factory defaults which usually run large amounts of water.

• If you have a pool, check to ensure that the auto-fill device has not become stuck in an on position.

• If you have a water softener, check to be sure that it is not regenerating continually.

• Turn off the house valve (usually located in your garage) to isolate the outside watering system; Take a flat screwdriver or similar item and gently lift the lid from the meter box in your front sidewalk; You should see a small triangle, called a flow indicator, at the top of your meter. If this indicator is moving, you may have a leak.

• There are a number of leak detection companies listed in the yellow pages which can also assist you in locating a leak.

• You may also wish to visit the SNWA Conservation Site for additional information relating to conservation measures and proactive steps to detect and prevent leaks.

If you are still unable to locate a potential cause for the higher usage and/or the leak, please enter a case here or call our Customer Care Center at (702) 267-5900. Specialists are available to assist you Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.