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Watering Schedules for Golf Courses: Why do golf courses water on the wrong days?

The majority of water used to irrigate Henderson golf courses is reclaimed (cleaned and highly treated) wastewater, and properties are restricted to an annual water budget of 6.3 acre feet per irrigated acre. Water used in excess of a property's annual water budget will incur a surcharge.

Courses with a water budget on file with the City of Henderson may water outside the geographically assigned watering days for the surrounding area. These facilities have specialized irrigation systems and customized watering schedules to allow them to most efficiently irrigate course landscaping without impairing the community's ability to use the courses.

To inquire about a specific property, or to report a malfunction, such as a leak or sprinklers spraying into the street, please complete the form below or call the Department of Utility Services Customer Care Center at 702-267-5900. Staff are available to assist you during regular business hours Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.