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Wastewater/Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance: What part of the wastewater/sewer line am I responsible to maintain/repair? I have a problem in my sewer line. What should I do?

Per Henderson Municipal Code (HMC) 14.04.020D: "The customer is responsible for all plumbing, piping, and appurtenances from the point of use to the service connection." The wastewater service connection is the point of connection between the main and the wastewater service line/sewer lateral.

The wastewater/sewer main usually lies underground in the middle of the street, and the sewer lateral runs from the home and connects to the main.

The Department of Utility Services is responsible to: 1) Maintain and repair main sewer line(s) (including cleaning blockage(s) from City's main sewer line); and, 2) Pay cleanup and repair costs for blockages in the main sewer line (including repairing damage to the street or driveway).

The Homeowner/customer is responsible to: 1) Maintain and repair sewer lateral/lines from the service connection (i.e. the main) up to and including the house plumbing; and, 2) Pay cleanup and repair costs (including repairing damage to the street or driveway) if the blockage is between the service connection (i.e. the Main) and the house; and, 3) Hire a professional to periodically inspect your sewer lateral/line (from the Main to the house) and clean out roots and/or grease accumulation, and fix any structural problems. The two primary causes of sewer backups and overflows are grease and roots. Please note that per Henderson Municipal Code 11.08.010, work in the public right-of-way will require a permit from Public Works.

If you are experiencing a non-emergency wastewater/sewer service issue and have determined the source lies on the City side of the service connection (i.e. in the Main), please enter a case in Contact Henderson or you may call the Department of Utility Services Customer Care Center during regular business hours Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. at 702-267-5900.