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Leak Adjustment Program: I have requested an adjustment. If my request is approved, how much of an adjustment will I receive?

Customers are responsible for all water that passes through the water meter at their property, regardless of whether the water was used intentionally or put to beneficial use. Customers may be eligible to apply for the Leak Adjustment Program after a major leak occurrence if all program qualifications are met.

Adjustments consist of splitting the cost of excess consumption 50/50 between the customer and the City during a major leak.

Normal Consumption: 9,000 Gallons
Consumption including leak occurrence: 460,000 Gallons
Total Overage of Consumption: 460,000-9,000 = 451,000 Gallons
Adjustment Consumption: 451,000÷2 = 225,500 Gallons (50/50 between customer and the City)

Upon receipt and verification of required information, the leak adjustment will be applied to your account and appear on the subsequent bill.

Please note leak adjustments are limited to two (2) adjustments in five (5) years for leak occurrences that are greater than twice the normal consumption and must have active water service 13 months prior to the leak. The maximum adjustment is for three (3) billing cycles and the City will match to the highest tier the leak reached.

If you think you may qualify for this program, please click on the blue "submit a request or question" link below.