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Vault Shutdown: Can I request a vault shutdown?



Vault shutdowns may be performed on:

1. Properties that do not have isolation valves or backflow devices.

2. The isolation valves or backflow devices have failed to shut down the water service.

If you fall into the above two categories, you may submit a request. Vault shutdowns are performed during our business working days, Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.

By submitting a request, you are agreeing to a minimal applicable charge of $400 per HMC 14.03.030 - Service Line Requirements, Article B - Valves:

1. For services with a three inch meter or larger where the service has been discontinued or it becomes necessary to shut off a service connection for repair of piping on the customer's property, a valve as required by adopted standards shall be installed prior to restoration of the service with all costs to borne by the customer. Should the customer fail to make such repairs or corrections to the service conditions and the city has performed its due diligence to notify the customer to make such repairs or corrections, the director may authorize the city to make the necessary corrections, with the customer being responsible for reimbursement to the city for all costs incurred in addition to any penalties in accordance with this title and the department service rules.

2. Private property shutdowns conducted at the property owner's request shall be billed using the department's actual costs, with such costs being the resposibility of the property owner.

If you would like to proceed, continue by submitting a request.