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Custom Home Early Meter Install: Custom Home Early Meter Install.

Although custom home Construction Water service locations don’t have to meet UDAC standards during preliminary installation, minimum standards must be met to qualify for Early Meter Installs. The following are required:

• An active service line connection
• A meter box
• An easement/safe access to the meter box
• A BLUE marker: flag or stake – at least 2’ high above ground level and easily visible to MS staff
• A visible address (e.g., written in sharpie on the stake or flag)
• Condition: if upon arrival staff is not able to locate or access the meter set location, the requestor will be charged a rejection fee just like with final inspections or standard meter sets

When ready for sign-off (after passing drywall & meeting UDAC standards), the GC will need to contact New Construction via Contact Henderson or by calling 702-267-3720 to have the meter checked for damage and to have the permanent installation approved as described above (standard sign-off process).