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Water Line "Insurance": I received a letter about water line insurance, what should I know to make an informed decision?

A company called HomeServe has been soliciting residents to purchase an "insurance policy” that covers repairs/replacement of residential water service lines from the municipal water meter to the foundation of the home.

The City has never solicited this type of information from insurance companies, local plumbers, or contractors; therefore, the City has not endorsed any insurance company for this service and cannot fairly provide a recommendation for this service. Further, the City has seen no evidence that would indicate that water line breakage is a major issue of concern in Southern Nevada.

As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining certain parts of the water and sewer lines which service your home. For a typical residential installation, the City maintains the water service in the street up to the water meter which is usually in the sidewalk at the front of the property. Any leaks in the water line after the water meter (between the sidewalk and the home) are the responsibility of the property/account owner. Please refer to to view a diagram which explains your responsibilities.

We encourage you to weigh this option carefully and compare typical repair costs with the overall cost of an insurance policy. Also be sure to check your current homeowner’s insurance policy to determine if you are already covered. Any licensed plumber or underground contractor should be able to give you a quote for repair or replacement of your water service line from the meter to your home.