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Franchise for trash pickup service: Why is Republic Services the only company with a franchise to provide trash pickup service for the City of Henderson?

Federal and state regulations mandate environmentally sound solid waste collection and disposal. As such, it is declared to be a policy of the City to regulate the collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclables in a manner consistent with federal and state laws. The City is authorized pursuant to NRS 268.081 to limit competition and grant an exclusive contract for the collection and disposal of "garbage and other waste," so that the City may provide adequate, economical and efficient services to the residents of the city and promote their general welfare. The Henderson City Council (as well as the City Councils of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and the Clark County Board of Commissioners) has determined that grant of such an exclusive franchise to Republic Silver State Disposal, Inc. will provide for the most effective approach to environmentally sound and economical solid waste collection and disposal. Further questions: call City Attorney @267-1200