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Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles: Is there a code that deals with abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles on private property or how do I report?

Inoperable or abandoned vehicle(s), or part(s) thereof, outside of an enclosed building on any lot are not allowed. Properties are not allowed to have more than two inoperable vehicles in a rear/side yard area, screened by a substantially opaque fence. A single inoperable vehicle on any lot or premises that is registered to a resident of the property and undergoing minor repair work as defined herein; shall not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours.

To report a vehicle that is unregistered or you believe is being stored on the public street, please submit a Contact Henderson case by selecting Parking Enforcement - Submit a request or question and fill out all necessary information

Unregistered vehicle(s), vehicles with expired registration, or vehicle(s) displaying out of state license plates are covered by a specific Nevada Revised Statute 482.385. This change in law placed the responsibility for enforcement on established Constable offices. Please visit the Henderson Township Constable office's website for further information by clicking here.