Frequently Asked Questions

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Owner surrender or euthanasia request: What is required to surrender my pet to the shelter or if my pet needs to be euthanized?

Only Henderson residents can surrender their pets to the Henderson Animal Care and Control facility. Proof of Henderson residency and proof of ownership of the pet is required. For example valid photo ID with address and pet records. This includes owner requests for humane euthanasia.

If you have to surrender your pet to the shelter, there is no fee however the shelter staff highly encourages all owners to seek other re-homing means first before surrendering their pet. There are many options like rescue groups and training that can help maintain a pet in its home. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire on your pet and relinquish all rights at the time of surrender. All pets that are surrendered are evaluated for adoption by a multi-screening process.

If you bring your pet into the shelter for humane euthanasia there is a fee. The humane euthanasia and cremation of remains fee is $35.00. Owners are not allowed to remain with their pet during the process and the animal's cremains will not be returned to the owner. You may contact one of the local companies in town that offer private cremation services if you want your animal's cremains returned. All fees must be paid at time of service.