Frequently Asked Questions

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Dogs/Cats allowed to run loose: How do I report a loose dog/cat? 

The City of Henderson requires all pets to be confined by a leash when off their own property (unless in a designated dog park).  This includes cats.  

If it is a human, life threatening emergency, call 911.  If the animal's life is in immediate danger please contact the Henderson Police Department non-emergency at 702-267-5000. If you are reporting the animal loose after the fact please file an on-line complaint or contact Henderson Animal Care and Control at 702-267-4970 to have an Animal Control Officer respond. 

Animal Control Officers do not chase loose/stray cats.  If you have loose/stray cats in your neighborhood please contact Henderson Animal Care and Control at 702-267-4970 during normal hours to check on the availability to obtain a humane cat trap.

To file an on-line complaint click "next" to be guided through the process.  Please provide the exact address that you are requesting a response to and a description of the animal you are complaining about.