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City of Henderson Water Efficiency in Landscapes and Technologies (WELT)

The City of Henderson is partnering with SNWA on the Water Smart Landscapes Rebate and the Water Efficient Technologies Rebate. The City of Henderson is supplementing the SNWA rebate programs for customers in Henderson converting functional turf on their property.


  • Project conversion must be completed within twelve (12) months from application acceptance. Customer to submit approval that the conversion has been completed.
  • Conversion is to be completed in a single phase.
  • Single-Family Residential Customers are limited to one conversion per calendar year.
  • Non-Single-Family Residential Customers are limited to two conversions per calendar year.

Rebate Amounts and Limits

Subject to available funding and satisfaction of program terms and conditions, the City of Henderson will pay the following:

Functional Turf Removal:

  • Single Family Residential: $575, minimum 400 square foot conversion project
  • Non-Single Family Residential: $2/Square Foot up to a maximum of 25,000 Square Feet

Functional Turf Conversion from Cool to Warm Season Turf (Non-Single Family Residential Only):

  • $1/Square Foot up to a maximum of 50,000 Square Feet

What is functional turf?

An irrigated grass area that provides a recreational benefit to the community and is:

  • Located at least 10 feet from a street, installed on slopes less than 25 percent, and not installed within street medians, along streetscapes, or at the front of entryways to parks, commercial sites, neighborhoods, or subdivisions.
  • Active/programmed recreation turf, athletic fields, designated-use-area turf, golf course play areas, some pet relief turf, playground turf, or resident area turf.
  • Located on a Single Family Residential Property.

How do I know if I have been approved for the supplemental rebate? Upon review of your application, you will receive an email response with your application status.

When will I receive the rebate check? After the conversion has been completed and SNWA has received your signed Conservation Easement, SNWA will notify the City of Henderson of the project completion. At this point, the City of Henderson will send you an email letting you know that the check is being processed and a mail-out date.

What are the terms and conditions of the program?

Program terms and conditions. 

Will drought-tolerant plants be required? In order to receive the City of Henderson Water Efficiency in Landscapes and Technologies Rebate, the SNWA rebate program terms and conditions must be followed. Please visit the SNWA website at in order to see what plants can be used in the water-smart landscape.

If you are interested in this program, please apply with SNWA and then submit a request or question at the link below.