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I am a property manager/realtor/other agent: How do I change the mailing address or start/stop service at a...
Service Requests from property managers, realtors, or other agents should be submitted by completing a case in Contact H... (more)

Submit a comment/question/concern: How do I submit a comment, concern or question to the Mayor or my City ...
You may submit comments, questions or concerns via Contact Henderson. You may also write to the Office of the Mayor and... (more)

High Bill Due to Leak: I discovered and repaired a major leak at my property. Can I request an adjustment t...
The City of Henderson Leak Adjustment Program (LAP) offers premise-based adjustments in the case of significant leaks. A... (more)

Water/Sewer Service: How do I start and/or stop residential water/sewer service?
Requests to start or stop a residential service from individual U.S. citizens may be processed by contacting the Departm... (more)

Report Water Waste: How do I report water waste/water running down the sidewalk/someone watering on a day d...
Common examples of water waste include:Water flowing off private propertyWatering outside of yo... (more)

Court Date: When is my next court date?
Traffic and Parking Citations: The court date and time is noted on the bottom of your citation.... (more)

Incident Report: How do I request a copy of an Incident Report?
In many cases Incident Reports are available for public dissemination as long as the case is no longer under investigati... (more)

Business License: How much does a business license cost?
There are nearly 100 license classifications and the license fee is based upon the classification. In order to determine... (more)

Business License: Who is required to have a license?
Any person who conducts business within the City or based in the City must obtain a business license on or before the da... (more)

Hydrant Meter Set: Submit Set Request
Find the hydrant # HERE. You are required to review the ... (more)

Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles: Is there a code that deals with abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles on...
Inoperable or abandoned vehicle(s), or part(s) thereof, outside of an enclosed building on any lot are not allowed. P... (more)

How can I pay my bill?
The City of Henderson offers a variety of options for paying your utility bill: 1) ... (more)

Planning Commission Item: How can I voice my support or opposition to an item or application on a Planning...
There are several ways. Please include the hearing date and either the application number or agenda item number when su... (more)

Abandoned Vehicle: How do I report an abandoned or junk vehicle?
Please submit your request below and provide a description and location of the vehicle.... (more)

Warrant: How can I see if I have an active warrant?
If you are unsure about your case status, you may review the Henderson Municipal Court ... (more)

Traffic Signal and Lights: How do I report a problem with a traffic signal, street light, pavement marking ...
If you live in a private or gated neighborhood. the street lights and traffic signs are the responsibility of the HOA. P... (more)

Travel Trailer Storage: Are there any restrictions on storage of travel trailers in residential areas?
You may have one travel trailer unit on the home premises of its owner when not used for living or sleeping purposes pro... (more)

Barking dog/noisy animal: I need to report a barking dog/noisy animal. What do I do?
To file an on-line complaint click "submit a request or question" to be guided through the process.  You can als... (more)

Can't find a topic: Still don't know which topic to select?
Please feel free to submit your request here by providing as much information as your have regarding your issue, we will... (more)

Police Report: How do I file a Police Report?
Call Communications (Dispatch) at 702-267-4913 and your call will be referred to a desk officer who will call you back a... (more)

Business License Fees: Can I pay my business license fees online?
Yes. Most business license types can be paid online immediately. There are only a few specific exceptions, such as room ... (more)

Code Enforcement Fines, Liens and Violations: Where do I find information regarding fines, liens or outstan...
Please submit an online request for information for Code Enforcement and select the Payoff Fines and Violation Request.... (more)

Business License: I conduct business in several cities. Can I get just one license to do business in ALL of...
If you qualify for multi-jurisdictional business license, yes. Otherwise, no. Each city has its own business license req... (more)

Public records: How do I access Public Records?
To obtain a copy of a public record, contact the Records Division at 702-267-1419. A Records Technician will provide yo... (more)

Hanging Trees/Plants: My neighbor's trees/plants are hanging over my property line, what are my rights and ...
This matter is a private property matter between you and your neighbor and the City cannot assist you as there is n... (more)

Neighbors Yard: What can I do about the overgrown weeds or dead plants in my neighbor's yard?
Our Code Enforcement office can address your concerns. Their number is (702) 267-3950 or you can fill out the online re... (more)

Pet License: Pet license requirements for dogs, cats, and ferrets.
Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing ... (more)

Business License: How long is a license good for?
All licenses, except for gaming business licenses, issued by the City of Henderson are valid for six months and are rene... (more)

Neighbors Trash: What can I do about the trash in my neighbors yard?
Our Code Enforcement office can address your concerns. Their number is 702-267-3950 or you can fill out the online requ... (more)

How do I get a water meter installed at a newly constructed home?
The City will install meters up to 2" in size for new developments. In order to schedule a meter install, please submit ... (more)

Water/Sewer Bill Discounts: I am a senior citizen with limited income/on EAP. Can I receive a discount on m...
The City of Henderson offers the following utility discount programs to qualifying customers: Senior Disco... (more)

Abandoned Vehicle: How do I report an abandoned or junk vehicle on private property?
Please submit the form below or call the Code Enforcement Division at (702) 267-3950.... (more)

Business License Types: What if I don't know what type of business license to apply for?
If you do not know what license classification to apply for, please contact the Business License office at (702)267-1730... (more)

Warrant: How can I take care of my warrant?
Failure to Pay warrants may be cleared by entering a plea and paying ... (more)

Permit Application: As a homeowner, can I apply for my own permits?
If you are the registered owner of the home, and it is your primary residence, you may pull your own building permits. T... (more)

Stagnant/Green Pool: What can I do about my neighbor's stagnant pool?
Stagnant pools (pools where the pool pump is not circulating water) can breed insects carrying diseases and our Code Enf... (more)

Call Mayor or Council: Can I call my City Council Representative?
Yes. The phone number for the Office of the Mayor and City Council is (702) 267-2085. However, requests for service, s... (more)

D.B.A./Fictitious Firm Name: Do I need a D.B.A. (Doing Business As) or Fictitious Firm Name?
If your business name is anything other than your legal given name, you will need to file a Fictitious Firm Name form wi... (more)

Fine Payment: I received a citation. How can I pay my fine?
Mail: Mail your check or money order to Henderson Municipal Court, PO Box 95050 - MS621, Henderson, NV 89015.... (more)

Building Without Permit: How do I report a someone building a patio or pool wtihout a permit?
The City of Henderson Building and Fire and Safety Div... (more)

Owner surrender and euthanasia request: What is required to surrender my pet to the shelter or if my pet ne...
Only Henderson residents can surrender their pets to the Henderson Animal Care and Control facility. Proof of Henderson... (more)

Dogs/Cats allowed to run loose: How do I report a loose dog/cat? 
The City of Henderson requires all pets to be confined by a leash when off their own property (unless in a designated... (more)

Lawn / Turf Installation: Can I reseed my lawn? How do I request an exemption to water my reseeded lawn?
Learn how properly reseeding your lawn can improve its health and appearance by reviewing the brochure, ... (more)

Application Methods: How may I submit my application?
You may apply in person for all license types, or ... (more)

Leak Adjustment Program: I have requested an adjustment. If my request is approved, how much of an adjustme...
Customers are responsible for all water that passes through the water meter at their property, regardless of whether the... (more)

Court: Must I appear in Court for my traffic citation?
... (more)

Portable Basketball Hoops: What are the ordinances regarding portable basketball hoops?
The City of Henderson does not enforce or regulate basketball hoops unless the structures obstruct and/or blocks the sid... (more)

How can I find a current list of employment opportunities with the City of Henderson?
You may view current job openings listed on our ... (more)

Jailed Family Member: How can I find out if a family member is in the Henderson Jail?
You can check online at the Inmate Information Search orcall 70... (more)

Close a Business: What if want to close or sell the business?
If you choose to close or sell your business, please notify us in writing so that we may cancel your license(s). Be sure... (more)