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Water/Sewer Service: How do I start and/or stop residential water/sewer service?
Requests to start or stop a residential service from individual U.S. citizens may be processed by contacting the Departm... (more)

I’m a property manager/realtor/other agent: How do I start/stop service at a property?
Service Requests from property managers, realtors, or other agents should be submitted by completing a case in Contact H... (more)

Water Meter Turn Off: How/where can I turn off my water meter?
1. Locate your water meter 2. Use a screwdriver to lift the lid off the water meter box (proceed to step 3 or 4). 3. In... (more)

Henderson Welfare Office: Where is the welfare office located?
If you need assistance from the Nevada Division of Health and Human Services Welfare Division you can reach them by call... (more)

Reporting animal concerns: How do I report a barking dog/loose dog or cat/animal abuse/excessive animal wa...
To file an on-line complaint, click on "submit a request or question" to be guided through the process. You may also cal... (more)

High Bill Due to Leak: I discovered and repaired a major leak at my property. Can I request an adjustment t...
The City offers a ONE-TIME leak adjustment in the case of some significant leaks. Adjustments consist of a discounted ra... (more)

Curfew: Is there a curfew for children in Henderson?
Yes. Persons under 18 years of age may not be out between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. On ... (more)

Court Date: When is my next court date?
If you have a Traffic or Parking citation, the court date and time is noted on the bottom of your citation. ... (more)

Firefighters gym:Why do Firefighters work out at public gyms?
Fighting fire is a very strenuous activity that requires fire personnel to be in top physical condition. Fire personnel... (more)

Local law/code: What is the local law/code regarding noise control?
Henderson Municipal Code Title 8.84 Noise Control addreses this concern. You may view and print ... (more)

Fine Payment: I got a ticket. Where do I pay the fine?
Mail: Mail your check or money order to Henderson Municipal Court, PO Box 95050 - MS621, Henderson, NV 89015.... (more)

Local Improvement District Bill: How do I pay or get information about my Local Improvement District (LID) ...
In an effort to more efficiently provide Local Improvement District (LID) information and improve the efficiency of proc... (more)

City Building Codes: What are the building codes the City of Henderson has adopted?
You may visit our ... (more)

Warrant: Do I have a warrant?
If you are unsure about your case status, you may review the Henderson Municipal Court ... (more)

Location and Hours: What are the Locations and Hours for Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility?
Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility300 E. GalleriaHenderson, Nevada 89011-1903The shelter’s gener... (more)

Report Water Waste: How do I report water waste/water running down the sidewalk/someone watering on a day d...
Common examples of water waste include:Water flowing off private property Watering outside of y... (more)

Salvation Army's Angel Tree: How do I apply for the Salvation Army's Angel Tree?
The Salvation Army is accepting applications for Christmas Assistance. Residents of Henderson, Boulder City, Searchligh... (more)

Ride-along: Can people ride with an Officer to see what they do? How do I arrange for a ride-along?
You must be at least 18 years old and agree to a background check. If you have been convicted of a felony, you are not ... (more)

Small Claims: How do I file a small claim court action in Henderson and where can I get the forms to start ...
Small Claims Court actions are civil lawsuits where the amount in dispute is $5000 or less and the defendant is a busine... (more)

Pet License: Does my pet have to have a license?
Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing ... (more)

List of Job Opportunities: How can I find a current list of employment opportunities with the City of Hende...
You may view current job openings on our ... (more)

Pickleball: Does the City of Henderson have any pickleball courts?
The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department has three tennis courts striped for pickleball. Two are located at... (more)

Water Pressure Problem: I think I have a problem with my water pressure.
Do you have a water softener?Many pressure problems are associated with malfunctioning or improp... (more)

Permit Application: As a homeowner, can I apply for my own permits?
If you are the registered owner of the home, and it is your primary residence, you may pull your own building permits. T... (more)

Demand Request: I need to request a demand showing the full amount due at a property or to clear a lien on ...
Our Department of Utility Services Customer Care Center can help you. Please submit your request below (one address per ... (more)

Alternative Sentencing Fees: Where do I pay fees I owe to Alternative Sentencing?
This information is "ONLY" for Alternative Sentencing, not Henderson Municipal Court fines. Online - ASDPayment... (more)

Police Report: How do I file a Police Report?
Call Communications (Dispatch) at 702-267-4913 and your call will be referred to a desk officer who will call you back a... (more)

Hanging Trees/Plants: My neighbor's trees/plants are hanging over my property line, what are my rights and ...
Overhanging trees and other landscape encroachments from a private property upon another's private property are outside ... (more)

Inoperable/Unregistered: Is there a code that deals with unlicensed, inoperable, or abandoned vehicles on p...
Inoperable or unregistered vehicle(s), or part(s) thereof, outside of an enclosed building on any lot are not allowed. P... (more)

Hydrant Meter Request: How do I request a temporary hydrant meter?
Requests are submitted by clicking on the "submit a request or question" link below. The following information is requir... (more)

Park Reservations: How can I reserve an area of a park for parties and other events?
Our Parks Reservations office handles reservations for all Henderson parks. Their number is 702-267-5707 and office hour... (more)

Warrant: How can I take care of my warrant?
Failure to Pay warrants may be cleared by entering a plea and paying ... (more)

Permit Information: Where do I find information regarding permits?
Permit information can be found at our Building & Fire Safety page on this website - ... (more)

Junk Vehicles: There are junk cars/a boat/motor home parked on my street. Is this legal?
Nevada Revised Statute 484.418-5 states: Parking for certain purposes prohibited. No person may park a vehicle upon an... (more)

Cornerstone Park: Will fishing, swimming, and the use of remote-controlled boats be allowed at Cornerstone...
Cornerstone Park is expected to open in October 2012. While the park does feature a lake, it is not intended for recreat... (more)

Public records: How do I access Public Records?
To obtain a copy of a public record, contact the Records Division at 702-267-1419. A Records Technician will provide yo... (more)

Court: Must I appear in Court for my traffic citation?
You must appear if:* You are a juvenile (a parent or legal guardian must accompany you)... (more)

Leak Adjustment Program: I have requested an adjustment. If my request is approved, how much of an adjustme...
Customers are responsible for all water that passes through the water meter at their property, regardless of whether the... (more)

Court: Can I get a continuance / postponement / later date ?
... (more)

Draining Pools and Spas: Can I drain my pool or spa into the street? How do I locate my sewer port?
Draining pool or spa water into the street is considered water waste, and may result in administrative fines. Draining p... (more)

Room Rentals at Recreation Centers: Do you have rooms that are available for rental?
Rooms are available for rental at our recreation centers (pending scheduling availability). For details, please visit th... (more)

Late Payment: I am late paying my traffic / court fine. What should I do?
If your case is eligible, you may make your payment using the ... (more)

I’m a property manager/Realtor/other agent: How do I update/change my account information?
In order to update or change current account information such as an emergency contact phone number or the address where ... (more)

Fine Payments: Can I make payments on my traffic / court fines, or have the fines reduced?
Only the Judge can reduce your fine when you enter a plea.You may request a payment plan in person whe... (more)

Tax ID Number: What is the City's tax ID number?
The City's tax ID number is EIN 88-6000720. ... (more)

Submit a comment/question/concern: How do I submit a comment, concern or question to the Mayor or my City ...
You may submit comments, questions or concerns via Contact Henderson. You may also write to the Office of the Mayor and... (more)

Water/Sewer Bill Discounts: I am a senior citizen with limited income. Can I receive a discount on my water...
The City of Henderson will waive the monthly basic water and sewer service charge for seniors enrolled in the Nevada Ene... (more)

Utility Information: I need information regarding power, phone, cable, and/or trash.
The Customer Service phone number for NV Energy is 702-402-5555. Click here for their website: ... (more)

How do I start and/or stop commercial/irrigation water service
Requests to start or stop a commercial/irrigation water service should be submitted by completeing a case in Contact Hen... (more)

Police Officer Testing: When is the next testing for Police Officer?
Human Resources handles all testing for Police Officers. They can be reached by website at the ... (more)