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Report Water Waste: How do I report water waste/water running down the sidewalk/someone watering on a day d...
Common examples of water waste include:Water flowing off private propertyWatering outside of yo... (more)

I am a property manager/realtor/other agent: How do I change the mailing address or start/stop service at a...
Service Requests from property managers, realtors, or other agents must submit one case per ... (more)

City of Henderson Residential Landscape Rebate Program
... (more)

High Bill Due to Leak: I discovered and repaired a major leak at my property. Can I request an adjustment t...
... (more)

Water/Sewer Service: How do I start and/or stop residential water/sewer service?
Requests to start or stop a residential service from individual U.S. citizens may be processed by contacting the Departm... (more)

Owner surrender or euthanasia request: What is required to surrender my pet to the shelter or if my pe...
Only Henderson residents can surrender their pets to the Henderson Animal Care and Control facility. Proof of Henderson... (more)

Traffic Report, Incident Report, Police Report or Background check: How do I get a copy?
Please click on submit request below to complete the proc... (more)

Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles: Is there a code that deals with abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles on...
Inoperable or abandoned vehicle(s), or part(s) thereof, outside of an enclosed building on any lot are not allowed. P... (more)

Barking dog/noisy animal: I need to report a barking dog/noisy animal. What do I do?
To file an on-line complaint click "next" to be guided through the process.  You can also call Henderson Animal ... (more)

Abandoned Vehicle: How do I report an abandoned or junk vehicle?
Please submit your request below and provide a description and location of the vehicle.... (more)

How can I pay my bill?
The City of Henderson offers a variety of options for paying your utility bill: 1) ... (more)

Planning Commission Item: How can I voice my support or opposition to an item or application on a Planning...
There are several ways. Please include the hearing date and either the application number or agenda item number when su... (more)

Deceased animals: What to do if you see a deceased dog/cat in the road or my own pet has died.
Animal Control picks up stray domestic animals (dogs, cats, ferrets etc) from city roads or on private property. If a d... (more)

Cornerstone Park: Are fishing, swimming, and the use of remote-controlled boats allowed at Cornerstone Park?
While Cornerstone Park does feature a lake, it is not intended for recreational use and the water is not intended for hu... (more)

Construction Hours: During what hours is it allowable for construction to be done (such as construction in ...
Per Henderson Municipal Code, ... (more)

Traffic Signal and Lights: How do I report a problem with a traffic signal, street light, pavement marking ...
If you live in a private or gated neighborhood. the street lights and traffic signs are the responsibility of the HOA. P... (more)

Leak Adjustment Program: I have requested an adjustment. If my request is approved, how much of an adjustme...
... (more)

Dash Cam/Body Worn Camera Videos or Photos?: How do I inspect or purchase Dash Cam or Body Worn Camera Vide...
A request to inspect a Dash Cam or Body Worn Camera Videos or Photos recording must be made using the City of Henderson ... (more)

UnitedHealthcare Ucard Benefits: How do I pay my City of Henderson utility bill using my UCard benefit...
Many of our customers have received UCards from ... (more)

Water/Sewer Bill Discounts: Can I receive a discount on my water/sewer bill?
The City of Henderson offers the following utility discount programs to qualifying customers: Low-Income D... (more)

Curfew: Is there a curfew for children in Henderson?
Yes. Persons under 18 years of age may not be out between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. On ... (more)

Car and Surface Washing: Can I wash my car at home?
Washing of personal vehicles at residential properties is limited to one day per week with the use of a positive shut-of... (more)

Travel Trailer Storage: Are there any restrictions on storage of travel trailers in residential areas?
You may have one travel trailer unit on the home premises of its owner when not used for living or sleeping purposes pro... (more)

Court Date: When is my next court date?
Traffic and Parking Citations: The court date and time is noted on the bottom of your citation.... (more)

Pigeons: Is it illegal to feed pigeons? How do I report someone who is feeding pigeons and causing the...
Yes, it is illegal to feed pigeons.  To file an on-line complaint click next" to be guided through the process.&... (more)

Old Gasoline/Oil: What do I do with old gasoline/oil/paint that I don't want?
Household hazardous waste, such as used motor oil, paint, and pesticides can be taken to the Republic Services transfer ... (more)

Multi-Jurisdictional License: What is a multi-jurisdictional business license?
A multi-jurisdictional business license is a license issued by a primary jurisdiction (Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las V... (more)

Hydrant Meter Set: Submit Set Request
Find the hydrant # HERE. You are required to review the ... (more)

I have found a lost/stray pet: What to do I do?
If you have found a stray or lost dog, cat, rabbit, ferret or other domestic animal and you would like an Animal Co... (more)

Street Sweeping Schedule: What is the street sweeping schedule?
... (more)

Neighborhood Cleanup: My neighbors and I want to clean up our neighborhood. Can the City help?
Through the ... (more)

Hanging Trees/Plants: My neighbor's trees/plants are hanging over my property line, what are my rights and ...
This matter is a private property matter between you and your neighbor and the City cannot assist you as there is n... (more)

After Hours Water or Sewer Emergency: Who do I contact?
... (more)

Water Pressure Problem: I think I have a problem with my water pressure.
Do you have a water softener?Many pressure problems are associated with malfunctioning or improp... (more)

Fine Payment: I received a citation. How can I pay my fine?
Mail: Mail your check or money order to Henderson Municipal Court, PO Box 95050 - MS621, Henderson, NV 89015.... (more)

Warrant: How can I see if I have an active warrant?
If you are unsure about your case status, you may review the Henderson Municipal Court ... (more)

Tax ID Number: What is the city's tax ID number?
The city's tax ID number is EIN 88-6000720. ... (more)

Dogs/Cats allowed to run loose: How do I report a loose dog/cat? 
The City of Henderson requires all pets to be confined by a leash when off their own property (unless in a designated... (more)

Neighbors Trash: What can I do about the trash in my neighbors yard?
Our Code Enforcement office can address your concerns. Their number is 702-267-3950 or you can fill out the online requ... (more)

I am a landlord or property manager: How can I monitor the water and sewer accounts at my properties?
The ... (more)

Business License: How long is a license good for?
All licenses, except for gaming business licenses, issued by the City of Henderson are valid for six months and are rene... (more)

Other: Still not able to find what you are looking for or have an Open Data question?
If you find a topic subtopic close to your request or an Open Data question, but not perfect, please select that option ... (more)

Small Claims, Restitution: How do I file a small claim court action in Henderson and where can I get the fo...
Small Claims Court actions are civil lawsuits involving an amount in dispute of $10,000 or less and the defendant is a b... (more)

Homeless Concern: How do I report a concern about homeless people in a nearby park or vacant lot?
To provide i... (more)

Suspicious Persons: There has been suspicious persons/vandalism/burglaries, etc., in my neighborhood recent...
Yes, PLEASE NOTE: If this is a life threatening emergency call 9-1-1 -DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM! If you are reporting any ... (more)

Pet License: Pet license requirements for dogs, cats, and ferrets.
Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing ... (more)

Neighbors Yard: What can I do about the overgrown weeds or dead plants in my neighbor's yard?
Our Code Enforcement office can address your concerns. Their number is (702) 267-3950 or you can fill out the online re... (more)

Business License Renewal: Will the City notify me when it is time to renew my license?
Yes, by mail only. However, it is your responsibility to renew the business license on time even if the courtesy reminde... (more)

How can I get my Water Violation Fine removed?
Customers must submit an RFL Request on our website within 30 days from the date on the Violation letter received. A Wat... (more)

Traffic Signal Problems: How do I report a problem with traffic signal timing (skipped, short cycle, on fla...
Submit your concern below. If you need further assistance, call Traffic Services Maintenance at 702-267-3200.... (more)