Frequently Asked Questions

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By Department Animal Control

Owner surrender or euthanasia request: What is required to surrender my pet to the shelter or if my pe...
Only Henderson residents can surrender their pets to the Henderson Animal Care and Control facility. Proof of Henderson... (more)

Barking dog/noisy animal: I need to report a barking dog/noisy animal. What do I do?
To file an on-line complaint click "next" to be guided through the process.  You can also call Henderson Animal ... (more)

Deceased animals: What to do if you see a deceased dog/cat in the road or my own pet has died.
Animal Control picks up stray domestic animals (dogs, cats, ferrets etc) from city roads or on private property. If a d... (more)

Pigeons: Is it illegal to feed pigeons? How do I report someone who is feeding pigeons and causing the...
Yes, it is illegal to feed pigeons.  To file an on-line complaint click next" to be guided through the process.&... (more)

I have found a lost/stray pet: What to do I do?
If you have found a stray or lost dog, cat, rabbit, ferret or other domestic animal and you would like an Animal Co... (more)

Dogs/Cats allowed to run loose: How do I report a loose dog/cat? 
The City of Henderson requires all pets to be confined by a leash when off their own property (unless in a designated... (more)

Pet License: Pet license requirements for dogs, cats, and ferrets.
Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing ... (more)

Pet adoptions: Where can I go to adopt? How much does it cost? How do I look up animals available for adopt...
You can go to PetHarbor website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ... (more)

Animal abuse or welfare concern: I want to report animal abuse or file a concern regarding animal welfare.&...
To file an on-line complaint click "next" to be guided through the process.  You can also call Henderson Animal ... (more)

Lost pets: How to find your lost pet and report your lost pet to the animal shelter.
You may access City of Henderson lost and found pets by going to 24petconnect.comType in your zip code (or that of t... (more)

Leash law: Does your pet need to be on a leash in the City of Henderson when off your property?
Yes.Per Henderson Municipal Code 7.08.020, Permitting animals to run at large is unlawful. This includes cats. The ... (more)

Animal Care and Control records request: How can I get a copy of my animal control record or report?
For a copy of an animal control activity, you can go directly to the Henderson Animal Shelter located at 300 E. ... (more)

Animal Bites/Attacks: Do I need to report if a person was bitten by a dog, cat, ferret, horse or other war...
Yes, anyone with knowledge that an animal bite to a person has occurred is obligated by Henderson Municipal Code... (more)

Animal waste: How can I file a complaint about a neighbor who doesn't pick up after their pet in their own ...
To file an on-line complaint click "next" to be guided through the process.  You can also call Henderson Animal ... (more)

Location and Hours: What are the hours and location for the Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility?
Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility300 E. GalleriaHenderson, Nevada 89011-1903The shelter is open... (more)

Veterinary Services: Does the animal shelter provide medical services or vaccinations for the public?
The Henderson Animal Care and Control facility is not an animal hospital that provides medical services, vaccines, or mi... (more)

Illegal breeding: What is illegal animal breeding and how do I report it?
... (more)

Animal Care and Control Records Request: How do I get a copy of my Animal Control report?  How do...
All requests for all Animal Control related reports, records, or information regarding complaints that have been... (more)

Rats, Insects & Bees: I have a problem with rats, insects, and/or bees? What do I do?
... (more)

Urban wildlife concerns: Coyotes, rattlesnakes, bobcats, geese and other wildlife.
Urban Wildlife, including coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and rattlesnakes are handled by the Nevada Department of ... (more)