Frequently Asked Questions

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By Department Animal Control

Location and Hours: What are the Locations and Hours for Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility?
Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility300 E. GalleriaHenderson, Nevada 89011-1903Monday thro... (more)

Reporting animal concerns: How do I report a barking dog/loose dog or cat/animal abuse/excessive animal wa...
Call the Henderson Animal Shelter at 702-267-4970. After hours, if it is a threat to public safety, call the Henderson P... (more)

Pet License: Does my pet have to have a license?
Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing ... (more)

Dog/cat adoptions: How do I adopt a dog/cat? How much does it cost?
Our cats/kittens are adopted for $55.00 each. Our dogs/puppies are adopted for $65.00 each. Ferrets are adopted for $55.... (more)

Coyote sightings: Who do I contact if I see a coyote?
Urban Wildlife including coyotes should be handled by the Nevada Division of Wildlife, but they seldom are able to respo... (more)

Pet Restrictions: Does my dog or cat need a leash in the park?
Yes. Per Henderson Municipal Code 7.04.150 Permitting animals to run at large unlawful. It shall be unlawful for any ... (more)

Animal Bites: Do I need to report an animal bite?
Yes, anyone with knowledge that an animal bite has occurred is obligated by Henderson Municipal Law to report it to Anim... (more)

Lost pets: I lost my pet. Is he/she at your shelter?
You may access our lost and found pets by going to the PetHarbor we... (more)

Police Reports: How can I get a copy of the police report?
For a police report, contact the Records Division of the Henderson Police Department call 702-267-4700.... (more)