Frequently Asked Questions

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Urban wildlife concerns: Coyotes, rattlesnakes, bobcats, geese and other wildlife.

Urban Wildlife, including coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and rattlesnakes are handled by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Animal Control will respond if the wild animal has become an immediate threat to public safety.

Migratory birds such as geese, mallards, and other wild birds are handled by U.S. Fish and Wildlife.  Please visit their website for more information

Coyotes are common throughout Henderson and are seen most frequently at early evening, night and early morning hours cruising through various neighborhoods looking for food. Please keep your cats and small dogs indoors! Coyotes will usually leave by themselves unless they are challenged or cornered. For additional information about living with wildlife, please go to the Nevada department of Wildlife website. WWW.NDOW.ORG.