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Animal Bites/Attacks: Do I need to report if a person was bitten by a dog, cat, ferret, horse or other warm blooded animal?  How do I report my own animal being attacked by another animal?

Yes, anyone with knowledge that an animal bite to a person has occurred is obligated by Henderson Municipal Code to report it to Animal Control. This includes the victim, medical facility or the pet owner. All bites inflicted by warm-blooded mammals must be reported to the rabies control authority, which, within the city limits of Henderson, is the Animal Control Bureau of the Henderson Police Department, at 702-267-4970. If you need to report a bite immediately and we are closed, please call the Henderson police department at 702-267-5000.
Please have the following information ready:

1)Victim's name, address, phone number and date of birth

2)Date, time, and location of bite incident

3)Brief description of injury and if medical treatment was obtained

4)Address of the residence where the biting animal resides OR where the animal was last seen

5)Description of the biting animal: species, breed, color, sex, collar color/type etc.

If your own pet was attacked by another animal please contact Henderson Animal Care and Control at 702-267-4970 with the details of the animal attack.  Please provide your name, address, and phone number as well as the information for the attacking animal (if known).

To file an on-line bite/animal attack report click "next" to be guided through the process. Please provide the above information for the Animal Control Officer to investigate the animal bite/animal attack.