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By Topic: Planning/Zoning

Sign Permit: How do I obtain a sign permit?
A sign permit, which is required for certain wall and freestanding signs, may be obtained at the Building Department at ... (more)

Landscaping Requirements Residential: What landscaping is required in my front yard? Is anything prohibited?
The single-family residential landscaping requirements are outlined in Section 19.5.11.B of the Development Code and are... (more)

Parking Requirements: What are the parking requirements for my development?
The City's parking requirements are different for each type of use/business. They can be found in ... (more)

Building Setbacks: What are the required setbacks for my business or non-residential building?
Much like residential building setbacks, commercial, industrial, and other non-residential building setbacks are determi... (more)

Variance: What is a variance?
A Variance is the means by which the Planning Commission may grant relief from a provision of the Development Code becau... (more)

Zoning Regulations: What is the zoning classification of my property and the zoning regulations for develop...
You can use our interactive zoning map online to... (more)

Final Maps: Where can I get a copy of the recorded final map for my property?
Clark County is the official record keeper of all recorded maps for all of Clark County. The website is very friendly a... (more)

Henderson Population: What is the current population of Henderson?
Henderson population is currently estimated as 334,471 (as of January 1, 2022). Henderson is the second-largest city in... (more)

Parcel Maps: Where can I get a copy of the recorded parcel map for my property?
Clark County is the official record keeper of all recorded maps for all of Clark County. The website is very friendly a... (more)

Zoning: What is Zoning?
Zoning is the division of land into districts. These districts have uniform zoning regulations including those on land u... (more)

BLM Disposal Boundary: What is the BLM Disposal Boundary?
The disposal boundary was originally designated in 1998 under the SNPLMA to address concerns over federal management of ... (more)

Land Use: What is Land Use?
Land use is what determines how a piece of property is/or will be zoned. The land use is directly related to zoning of ... (more)

Building Information: I see a building being constructed on a certain property. How can I find out what it...
Please call or email us. We'll need to know the exact property the construction is on, so if you can give us an address... (more)

BLM Auction: How can I purchase land at an upcoming BLM land auction?
General information on the BLM's land sale process can be found by visiting the ... (more)

Vacation Rentals:  Where can I find information on the new Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance?
... (more)

Bus Rapid Transit Information: Where can I find more information regarding proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT...
The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is leading the effort to create a network of BRT service... (more)

Vacation Rental Concerns:  I believe I am impacted by an illegal short-term vacation rental home. ...
... (more)

Street Abutting Property: Is the street abutting my property a public or a private street?
The general rule is that brown street signs denote a private street and green signs are used for public streets. If yo... (more)

Golf Course Landscaping: I can see some dead, dying, or overgrown landscaping at the golf course near my ho...
If you notice that a golf course has dead or dying landscaping, or is visibly unmaintained, especially if you believe it... (more)

City Plans: How can I find out information on the College Area Plan, the Serene Country Estates Neighborhoo...
We have copies of all of these plans available on the ... (more)

West Henderson Land Use Plan: When will the West Henderson Land Use Plan update be complete?
The West Henderson Land Use Plan update is now complete. It was heard at the Planning Commission meeting on October 16,... (more)

Aircraft Noise: Where/to whom do I report excessive aircraft noise?
For all aircraft-related noise issues, please contact the Clark County Aircraft Noise Hotline at 702-261-3694.... (more)

Zoning Regulations: How do I file an application for a variance of the zoning or landscaping regulations?
To file an application to the Planning Commission, contact the Community Development Department between the hours of 7:3... (more)

Window Signs: How much signage can I put on the windows of my business?
Window signs are typically limited to no more than 25% of each window or glass door, and the signs shall not obstruct vi... (more)

Annexed Property: Will my property be annexed into the City?
Private property owners whose land is outside of Henderson's corporate boundaries may apply for annexation provided that... (more)

City Square Miles: How many square miles does the city cover?
The City of Henderson encompasses approximately 118.5 square miles as of June 1, 2022.... (more)

Kiosk Signs: How can my school/organization get a panel on the City of Henderson Kiosk signs located throu...
The City of Henderson Kiosk signs allow public facilities, public schools, higher education facilities, and residential ... (more)

Common Landscaping: Can my neighborhood remove its common area landscaping and/or landscape buffers?
In many of Henderson’s subdivisions and master plans, common landscaping is required by the Zoning Ordinance and m... (more)

City Data: What data is available and where can it be found?
GIS data is available for download from the City's GIS web pa... (more)

Population Projections: What are the population projections for Henderson?
To obtain population projections, please visit the City's ... (more)

Golf Course Closure: I've heard that a golf course in the city is closing and I'm concerned about what coul...
Please let us know your concerns by submitting a case. At this time, we know of issues with Legacy Golf Course but it h... (more)

Boulder Highway Investment Strategy: What is the Boulder Highway Investment Strategy?
The Boulder Highway Corridor has been identified as a major route for future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in the Las ... (more)

West Henderson: Where is the West Henderson area?
The area referred to as West Henderson is currently bordered by the Anthem and Seven Hills master-planned communities to... (more)

West Henderson Land Use Plan: What is the West Henderson Land Use Plan?
The West Henderson Land Use Plan is a part of the City's Comprehensive Plan for future development of the City. This pl... (more)

Seniors: How many Seniors live in Henderson?
Please see the city's Demographic... (more)

Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act : What is the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPL...
For SNPLMA information visit the Bureau of Land Management SNP... (more)

Zone Change Application: Where can I find zone change applications?
All of our ... (more)

Boulder Highway Investment Strategy : How can I obtain information on the Boulder Highway Investment Strate...
The RTC is expanding their BRT service from Downtown Las Vegas to Henderson along Boulder Highway. In response, the Cit... (more)