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Vacation Rental Concerns:  I believe I am impacted by an illegal short-term vacation rental home.  What can be done?

Our new Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance took effect in late 2019, so all operating vacation rentals must now be registered with the City and be in compliance with the new regulations, which all can be found at this link:


If you have reason to believe a home is operating out of compliance with these regulations and feel you are being directly impacted, you may report it to us here through Contact Henderson, but we will need some details.   Please provide the address of the suspected vacation rental, the date(s) you believe it was rented to vacationers, and details of how you have been impacted (what about it leads you to suspect it’s not in compliance, etc).  Please be as specific as you can since we may not be able to investigate and build a case without that information.