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Ride-along: Can people ride with an Officer to see what they do? How do I arrange for a ride-along?
You must be at least 18 years old and agree to a background check. If you have been convicted of a felony, you are not ... (more)

Inmate Visitation: Can I visit an inmate?
Inmate’s can be visited once they have been moved to a housing unit or after 24 hours in custody—whichever comes first. ... (more)

Inmate Phone Calls: Are inmate phone calls free?
Only those calls made during the intake process are free. Once an inmate is assigned to the housing unit, all calls, exc... (more)

Junk Vehicles: There are junk cars/a boat/motor home parked on my street. Is this legal?
Nevada Revised Statute 484.418-5 states: Parking for certain purposes prohibited. No person may park a vehicle upon an... (more)

Arrested Family member: What happens when a friend or family member is arrested?
The intake process starts upon arrival at the Henderson Detention Center. 1) The inmate's property is removed, ... (more)

Police Report: How do I file a Police Report?
Call Communications (Dispatch), 267-4913, and your call will be referred to a Desk Officer who will call you back and ta... (more)

Inmate Money: Can an inmate use their money to buy items in the Detention Center's Commissary?
Yes, inmates are allowed to use their money to purchase items from the Detention Center's Commissary. In addition the D... (more)

Inmate mail: Can an inmate receive mail?
Yes. Mail can be addressed to:City of Henderson Detention CenterInmate's Full Name243 Water St.... (more)

Police Officer Testing: When is the next testing for Police Officer?
Human Resources handles all testing for Police Officers. They can be reached by website at the ... (more)

Jailed Family Member: How can I find out if a family member is in the Henderson Jail?
You can check online at the Inmate Information Search orcall 70... (more)

Curfew: Is there a curfew for children in Henderson?
Yes. Persons under 18 years of age may not be out between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. On... (more)

Status of Police Case: What is the status of my Police case?
Please complete a Contact Henderson case submission below to include the case number. If you do not have a case number ... (more)

Inmate Information: Who will he/she be sharing a cell with?
Upon entry, the inmate will be placed in the facilities' intake unit and placed with other inmates with like charges, un... (more)

Suspicious Persons: There has been suspicious persons/vandalism/burglaries, etc., in my neighborhood recent...
Yes, PLEASE NOTE: If this is a life threatening emergency call 9-1-1 -DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM! If you are reporting any ... (more)

Crime Rate: How can I find out if there is much crime in the area in which I live or will be living in Hend...
All City of Henderson Police Department activity can be viewed on the ... (more)

Filing Reports: Do I have to file a report in person?
No, the desk officer can take the report over the phone. Call 267-4913 and tell the dispatcher you would like to speak ... (more)

Car Towed: My car has been towed, how do I get it back?
Please check one of the two companies that provide towing service for the City of Henderson:SNAP Tow-(702) 564-1180... (more)

Police Report: Where do I go to file a police report?
If you would like to make the report in person, you can do this at either the Main Station, 223 Lead Street or the North... (more)

Identity Theft: Someone is using my credit cards/identification/social security number. Who do I report th...
Call Communications (Dispatch) and your call will be referred to a Desk Officer who will call you back and take the repo... (more)

Out of State Car Registration? Who handles the Fair Share Program for out of state car registration if they...
The Henderson Constable's Office is responbble for enforcement action, You can contact the Henderson Constable's Office ... (more)

Officer Complaint: I have a complaint against an Officer or a Police Department employee. Who do I contact...
Call Police Administration at 267-4500. Information regarding your complaint will be taken and forwarded to the appropr... (more)

Suspicious Activity: There are cars coming and going from a house in my neighborhood at all hours of the da...
You can call our HPD Tip Line at 267-4757 or the Narcotics Hotline at 267-4777.... (more)

Municipal Codes: Where can I find the Nevada Revised Statues and Henderson Municipal Codes?
HMC: NRS: (more)

Inmate Call: When an inmate tried to call, he/she was told there is a block on the phone. How do I get that...
To have blocks lifted, or a block placed on the phone, you may call Evercom/Securus Company at 1-800-844-6591.... (more)

Radar (Speed) Monitoring: I would like to request to have the traffic speeds monitored in my neighborhood.
If you would like to request to have the traffic monitored in your neighborhood, please complete a Contact Henderson req... (more)

Incident Report: How do I request a copy of a Incident Report?
In many cases Incident Reports are available for public dissemination as long as the case is no longer under investigati... (more)

Sex Offenders: How can I find out if there are sex offenders in my neighborhood?
All City of Henderson Police Department activity can be viewed on the HPD website (more)

Traffic Accident: How do I request a copy of a Traffic Accident?
In most cases traffic accident reports are available for public dissemination as long as the case is no longer under inv... (more)

Property Release: The Police Department has my property. How do I get it back (This could pertain to suspe...
If your case has been settled in court, you must contact the appropriate court (Municipal, Justice, or District) and obt... (more)

Police Department Compliment: I would like to give the Police Department a compliment. How do I pass along ...
You can contact Police Administration at 702-267-4500 to pass along the information. Or you can continue on to Step 2 to... (more)

Block Party: I would like to hold a block party in my neighborhood. Is there a guide to help me with planning?
Neighborhood Services has created a ... (more)

Neighborhood Watch: How do I get a Neighborhood Watch Program started in my neighborhood?
Thank you for your interest in scheduling an event with the Henderson Police Department. Please note that all requests ... (more)

Internet Fraud: I am the victim of Internet fraud? Can I make a Police Report?
Typically, the Police Department doesn't handle internet complaints. To file an internet fraud complaint, log on to ... (more)

Inmate Property: What happens if an inmate comes in with property and he/she wants to release it to a frien...
The inmate can make a request to release his/her property by filling out an Inmate Request Form and giving it to the Hou... (more)

Case Complaint: I don't think the Officer handled my case right. Who do I talk to about this?
Call Police Administration at 267-4500. Information regarding your complaint will be taken and forwarded to the appropr... (more)

Dispatcher: I am interested in becoming a Dispatcher. How do I apply?
Submit an interest card at the City of Henderson Human Resources Department (240 Water Street or call 267-1900). You wi... (more)

Detention Center Location: Where is the City of Henderson Detention Center located?
The Detention Center is located in the lower level of the Bob Swadell Justice Facility at 243 Water Street, Henderson, N... (more)

Lost and Found: I found a bike, money, etc., and turned it in to the Henderson Police Department. When and...
Found property can be claimed, after 60 days, by the finder, if, 1) the owner hasn't claimed the item, and ... (more)

Media Request: I am a member of the news media and I need information about the city.
Official members of the news media should submit a case or contact the Public Information Office directly. Contact info... (more)

Police department tour: Will an Officer come to my school/my scout meeting to speak to the kids? Can we go...
Thank you for your interest in scheduling an event with the Henderson Police Department. Please note that all requests ... (more)

Police Station Tour GuidelinesWhat are the guidelines for requesting station tours?
A minimum of seven participants are required to schedule a tourStation tours are for grade levels 1-12... (more)

Dispatch Center: Can I spend time in the Dispatch center to see what the job is about?
Yes, call Dispatch at 267-4919 and express your interest to the answering supervisor... (more)

Contracting Officers: Our event is going to require police officers for security and traffic control. How...
A Police Contract Labor Agreement must be completed and can be found on the website. The contact outlines the costs and... (more)

School Crossing Guard: We need a crossing guard by my child's school. How do I get one?
Call a Crossing Guard Supervisor at 267-4563... (more)

Assistance for Victims: I am the victim of a crime. Is there any special assistance for me?
Help is available through City of Henderson's Victim-Witness Program at 702-267-1370; the Clark County District Attorney... (more)

Filming Permits: My production company is going to be taking photographs and video in the city for a promin...
Yes a filming permit must be obtained and approved for public filming events. The completed packet must include not onl... (more)

Party Permit: I made a park reservation through Parks & Recreation for a large party. Do I need any other ...
Depends on the size of the party/function. A group of people in a City park in excess of 150 (participants and spectato... (more)

"Every 15 Minutes": What is "Every 15 Minutes"?
Every "15 Minutes" is a program presented at local high schools simulating a fatal automobile accident due to a drunk dr... (more)

Special Events: We are having a large event that will involve joggers and bicyclist on the roadways in a ra...
Yes, you must complete a Special Events Application Packet and attach other required documents that are specified in the... (more)

Special Event Barricades: Do I need a barricade permit for special events?
For special events, a Special Event Permit is required before a barricade permit will be accepted. The first step in ob... (more)

Parade/Public Assemblies: How can I apply to have a parade that our school wants to sponsor?
A parade/public assembly packet must be submitted to the police department along with proof of insurance and barricade p... (more)