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What is the balance due on my Tax Bill?
If you are paying a full or an installment payment after the due date indicated on your tax bill, interest will be added... (more)

How do I report an overgrown lawn; junk/debris or unkept property?
Please use the submit a request via the link on this page.... (more)

How do I apply for a Handicap Parking Permit?
Permits can only be issued to residents within the town limits. Please bring in the completed form for application from ... (more)

What is the procedure for evictions?
You may hire an attorney or file an eviction by yourself. Paperwork can be obtained at the Rochester Housing Council:... (more)

Is my STAR exemption in place? Do I have all my exemptions I’m entitled to?
The Tax Office can tell you if you have your STAR on your current tax bill, but you will need to contact the Town Assess... (more)

Where do I obtain a Dog License?
Apply for a dog license at the Town Clerk’s Office, Greece Town Hall, 1 Vince Tofany Blvd.Annual license renew... (more)

How can I get historical tax information?
If you are looking for what you paid within the last five years you can view your payment history at ... (more)

Do I need a refuse license
Who Must Obtain:No person shall engage in the business of receiving, collecting or transporting residential and/or c... (more)

What would require a building permit?
Generally permits are required to: Construct a house or building Add or make structural alterations to... (more)

What is STAR program?
STAR is a school tax relief program that provides a partial exemption from school property taxes for owner occupied; pri... (more)

What if my mailbox is damaged/knocked over as a result of Town plowing operations?
In the event a mailbox and/or post is damaged or displaced as a result of Town of Greece plowing operations, the Town wi... (more)

Are there exemptions for Town & County taxes available?
Senior(Aged-Low Income); Veteran; Disability; for more information contact the Assessor's office.... (more)

Please contact the Monroe County Clerk's office at 753-1600.
Please contact the Monroe County Clerk's office at 753-1600. ... (more)

What documents do I need to obtain a new/renewal dog license?
Documents Required to Obtain a New License:License application If the dog is spayed or neutered, a certificate f... (more)

What is the property maintenance code?
Exterior Property MaintenanceThe purpose of the Town of Greece Property Maintenance Law is to: Pr... (more)

What is some general information about fences?
Any new fence or replacement fence requires a permit. Additional information and brochures are available at the Buildin... (more)

What is some general information about accessory buildings and storage sheds?
Accessory buildings include storage sheds, detached garages, gazebos, etc. or any other structure that is subordinate to... (more)

Which projects DO NOT require building permits?
Security System Playhouse (if it has no storage capacity) Artificial lawn ponds Kiddie pool (less t... (more)

Where do I mail my school tax bill and what portion of the bill is to be returned?
The tax bills are to be mailed to Andrew Conlon, Receiver of Taxes, Town of Greece, One Vince Tofany Boulevard, Greece, ... (more)

Can I have a recreational fire?
Information on recreational fires: The state code allows recreational fires if the fire is contained and is 2... (more)

I received a traffic ticket, what do I do?
When you receive a traffic violation please note that the date on the ticket is for you to answer the ticket by either p... (more)

When do I need a permit for work at my house?
Anything structural; complete roof replacement; door and window opening changes or basement/attic remodels would require... (more)

What are the most common laws or types of cases?
Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Criminal Jury Trials Criminal Procedure Law Environmental Conser... (more)

What are some informational resources I can keep on file for building department/permit issuance items?
American Red Cross50 Prince StreetRochester, New York 14607(585) 461-9800Barrier Free Design - Physi... (more)

When is a dog license required?
Every dog, regardless of age, owned or harbored in New York State for longer than 30 days, must be licensed.The Foll... (more)

How can I report a pothole?
Potholes are the domain of the jurisdiction which "owns" the road. Policies and procedures vary by jurisdiction.... (more)

Who should obtain a Fishing License and how much does it cost?
Anyone under 16 may fish WITHOUT a license in NYS. •16 and older require an adult license. •Non-reside... (more)

Town Directory
Town of Greece585-225-2000Office of the SupervisorMichelle Marini, Deputy SupervisorOne Vince Tofany... (more)

What is the Traffic Advisory Council?
The Traffic Advisory Committee is an advisory board to the Town Board, therefore it is not an open meeting for t... (more)

What do I do if I notice a pot hole in the road?
Please submit a request to the Department of Public Works.... (more)

What do I do if there is drainage in the rear yard?
Please submit an issue with the drainage problem, and the location of the property.... (more)

What is the Winter Parking Ordinance?

How much does a Dog License Cost?
Spayed or Neutered: $8.00Not Spayed or Neutered: $17.00Senior (over 65) discounts:Spay... (more)

How is my point total calculated?
If you are convicted of a violation that occurred while your car was moving (e.g. speeding, failing to stop for a red li... (more)

When does the Winter Parking Ordinance take place?
November 1 to April 15, Midnight to 8:00 AM... (more)

When is my court date?
Please contact our office at 585-227-3110.... (more)

When is the brush pickup schedule?
Please check our website under the Residents Tab... (more)

Where do I go to get a building permit?
A property owner, or his agent (contractor), may apply for a building permit at the Greece Town Hall, One Vince Tofany B... (more)

How do I obtain a marriage license?
A person is required to establish proof of age and identity by submitting to the issuing clerk (Mon-Fri 9:30a-4:00p):... (more)

Where do I go to get a building permit?
A property owner, or his agent (contractor), may apply for a building permit at the Greece Town Hall, One Vince Tofany B... (more)

How do I start a case in small claims court?
You must bring the action where the Defendant resides, is employed, or has a place of business at the time you start the... (more)

What do I do if my brush/leaves were not picked up on my scheduled week?
Please do not submit an issue. Call the Department of Public Works at 225-4590.... (more)

What if I didn't receive my tax bill?
If you have an escrow  account with your bank, they receive the bill and you are mailed only a receipt. If your tax... (more)

What if I have questions about my Tax Bill?
You can stop into the Office of the Receiver of Taxes located in the Service Mall at the Town Hall or contact the Tax Of... (more)

What are the plan submittal requirements for fences?
A copy of a site plan or current property instrument survey with dimensions indicating the location of the fence on the ... (more)

Can I get my tax receipts for last year's taxes in order to file my income taxes?
Yes, Go to Monroe County and click on “View/Pay Taxes Online.” F... (more)

Who is responsible for the tree lawn area?
The homeowner is responsible for property maintenance but the Town owns the tree(s) within that area. Any additional lan... (more)

How do I receive a tax bill, when I have paid off my mortgage?
If you no longer have an escrow through your mortgage, you will be responsible for paying your tax bills. The Tax Offic... (more)

Where do I mail my Town or County tax bill?
Full payment along with all installments should be made out to Andrew Conlon and mailed to 1 Vince Tofany Blvd. Greece, ... (more)

What is some information on private swimming pools?
Any new swimming pool or spa that exceeds 24 inches in depth requires a permit. If a pool wall is less than 48 inches i... (more)