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How do I obtain a marriage license?

A person is required to establish proof of age and identity by submitting to the issuing clerk (Mon-Fri 9:30a-4:00p):

One of the following age-related documents:
•Birth Certificate
•Baptismal record
•Naturalization record
•Census record

And one of the following identity-related documents:
•Driver's license
•Employment picture ID
•Immigration record

If previously married, a certified copy of the Decree of Divorce or a Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage is required

If a spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate is required.

You must obtain your license at least 24 hours in advance of the wedding but not more than 60 days from the day of your wedding. The cost of obtaining this license is $40.00, cash or credit card, no checks will be accepted.

Couples who plan to get their license in Greece should call (585) 723-2364 or (585) 723-2389 to make an appointment with the Town Clerks Office. This will help to ensure that one of the clerks authorized to issue Marriage Licenses is available to accommodate the couple.


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