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What would require a building permit?

Generally permits are required to:

Construct a house or building
Add or make structural alterations to a building
Construct or replace a deck
Install or replace a pool, spa, or hot tub
Build or enclose a porch
Construct an accessory building (shed or other structures detached from the principle building)
Install a fence
Convert attic or basement to useable space such as a recreation room
Demolition of any structure
Repair structures damaged by fire
Install any wood burning appliance
Install a chimney liner or repair chimney
Install or replace any gas appliance, including furnaces, hot water heaters, and generators
Erect any sign
Add fill, excavate or change existing drainage
Erect an antenna or satellite dish
Move any building
Install any lawn sprinkler system
Install new, or extend existing plumbing
Alter or extend the electric system (requires inspection by third party agency)

Many projects require permits. If you are in doubt about whether the project you intend to undertake will require a permit, please call the Building Department (585)723-2443.

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