Frequently Asked Questions

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By Department Municipal Court

Court Date: When is my next court date?
Traffic and Parking Citations: The court date and time is noted on the bottom of your citation.... (more)

Warrant: How can I see if I have an active warrant?
If you are unsure about your case status, you may review the Henderson Municipal Court ... (more)

Warrant: How can I take care of my warrant?
Failure to Pay warrants may be cleared by entering a plea and paying ... (more)

Court Drop Box: Is there a drop box to make payments after normal business hours?
Yes, it is located at 243 S Water Street on the wall facing Water Street, just to the left of the entrance.... (more)

Fine Payment: I received a citation. How can I pay my fine?
Mail: Mail your check or money order to Henderson Municipal Court, PO Box 95050 - MS621, Henderson, NV 89015.... (more)

Court: Must I appear in Court for my traffic citation?
... (more)

Court: Can I get a continuance / postponement / later date ?
... (more)

Fine Payments: Can I make payments on my traffic / court fines, or have the fines reduced?
Only the Judge can reduce your fine when you enter a plea.You may request a payment plan in person whe... (more)

Late Payment: I am late paying my traffic / court fine. What should I do?
If your case is eligible, you may make your payment using the ... (more)

Warrant: If I turn myself in, will I go to jail?
For all questions regarding warrants, call the Marshal Service at (702) 267-3370... (more)

Seal Records: How do I seal my records?
A ... (more)

Certified Copy: How can I receive a printout or certified copy of my case?
You can complete a Records Request by submitting a ... (more)

Fine Payment: How do I make my fine payment?
Mail: Mail your check or money order to Henderson Municipal Court, PO Box 95050 - MS621, Henderson, NV 89015.... (more)

Court: I was ordered to complete certain programs (counseling, meetings, work program, etc) as part of my ...
On the sentencing order, you were referred to the Special Programs and Services Bureau for your conditions. P... (more)

Plea Options: What are my Plea Options?
In the Courtroom:The Court Marshal will address the gallery prior to the court session and explain your pl... (more)

Payment Type: What forms of payment does the Henderson Municipal Court accept?
... (more)

Public Defender: Can I speak with a Public Defender and if he/she is appointed, when will he/she appear on ...
The Public Defender may only be appointed if the City is seeking a jail sentence on your charge and you meet the Federal... (more)

Municipal Court Parking: Where can I park?
The City of Henderson 364 space parking garage is available at 235 S Water Street. Entrances to the parking garage are l... (more)

Court: I didn't complete all of my requirements. What happens now?
If you were referred to the Special Programs and Services Bureau for conditions (counseling, meetings, work pr... (more)

Fridays: I am scheduled for court on Friday, but court is closed
The Court will reschedule you for a valid date. You may check the Henderson Municipal Court ... (more)

Court: What do I do when I come to Court?
If you are scheduled for a court appearance, please proceed directly to your assigned courtroom. Courtroom doors open 10... (more)

Court: What do I need to bring with me to Court?
Traffic/Parking Citations: You need to bring a copy of your citation and any documentation pertainin... (more)

Court : How should I dress for Court?
Business attire is the preferred mode of dress when attending a court appearance. ... (more)

Court: Why does it take so long to have a trial date set?
The number of cases scheduled for Trial each day is limited in order to allow everyone to have their day in Court. ... (more)

Discovery: How can I request Discovery?
For Discovery, please contact the Henderson City Attorney's Office, Criminal Division at (702) 267-1370. ... (more)

Fine Amount: Why does the Nevada Revised Statute say my fine should be a certain amount but when I am sent...
An administrative assessment is added to each fine amount due to Nevada Revised Statue: ... (more)