Frequently Asked Questions

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Court: Can I get a continuance / postponement / later date ?

Our Customer Service staff may grant a single two week continuance of the original traffic arraignment date up until a Failure to Appear warrant is issued.  Please appear in person at our Customer Service windows before 5 p.m. on the date of your traffic arraignment to request the continuance or you may request the continuance via telephone at (702)267-3300.

Criminal and Animal Control Cases:  Our Customer Service staff may grant a single one week continuance up until 5 PM of the original arraignment date.

Trials: Our Customer Service staff may not continue a Trial date. Please contact the City Attorney’s Office – Criminal Division at (702) 267-1370 for questions on trial date continuances.

Status Checks: Our Customer Service staff may not continue a Status Check date. Defendants must appear if their order or referral indicates that they must appear.