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By Topic: Sustainability

Sustainability: What is sustainability?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines sustainability as "meeting the needs of the present without compr... (more)

Bike Trails: Where can I find a map of bike trails in Henderson?
Henderson is updating our Master Bikes and Trails Plan, but the current version is available at: ... (more)

LEED: What is LEED?
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System encourages and accelerates global ... (more)

Incentives of Renewable Energy Sources: What programs or incentives are available to encourage the use of r...
The City of Henderson is considering a financial assistance program to help residents purchase and install photovoltaic ... (more)

Household Hazardous Waste: Can I recycle such items as batteries and fluorescent light bulbs?
Once no longer useful, many common household items can be dangerous to human health and the environment if they are disp... (more)

Energy Rebates: What financial assistance is available to help me save energy?
At the local level, NV Energy offers rebates to purchase renewable energy products such as solar panels, wind turbines, ... (more)

Club Ride: What is Club Ride?
Club Ride is a commuter program administered by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) to encourage alternative co... (more)

Save Money: How can I save money on my energy bill?
The easiest way to save money on your bill is to use less energy. That ranges from turning off and unplugging unused app... (more)

Off-Highway Vehicles: Why are some areas closed to Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) use and where can I get more ...
The Bureau of Land Management owns most of the land surrounding the developed areas of Henderson and Las Vegas and has s... (more)

Urban Forestry: What is urban forestry?
Urban Forestry is the management, care and maintenance of all the trees in the urbanized area. The benefits of urban tr... (more)

Damaged Trees: Who do I contact to report a damaged or dead tree in a park or public area?
Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 267-4000 or send a comment through Contact Henderson.... (more)

Green Building: What is "green building"?
"Green building" is constructing our facilities in a manner that is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and water... (more)

Green Incentives: What incentives does the City provide for the community to be "green"?
The City's newly adopted Development Code provides a menu of options to encourage new development to build in an environ... (more)

Park Turf: How are the City's parks being "green"?
The City has been removing non-functional "ornamental" turf from its parks in order to save millions of gallons of water... (more)

Air Quality: Where can I view the air quality forecast for today and the next few days?`
The Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management monitors air quality conditions throughout the L... (more)

Transit Service: How do I plan a trip if I want to use transit service?
The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) provides a Transit Trip Planner on their website to help you navigate their... (more)

Recycling Programs: I've heard about a recycling pilot program offered in other parts of the county. How c...
Republic Services is testing a residential recycling pilot program where residents can use a single container for all th... (more)

Recycling Locations: Where can I drop off items I would like to recycle?
Numerous local businesses collect items that can be recycled or in some cases, donated to charitable organizations that ... (more)

Green Businesses: What is the City doing to encourage the development of "green" businesses?
The City's Economic Development staff actively works to attract new "green" businesses to the city and fosters the devel... (more)

Green Building Program: Does the City of Henderson have an official Green Building Program?
The City Council has not adopted a separate Green Building Program for the City of Henderson. The City supports the Sou... (more)

Green Efforts: How is the City being "green"?
The City's "green" efforts include constructing its new facilities to LEED standards, retrofitting existing facilities t... (more)

Conserve Energy: What types of products should I consider using in order to save energy?
There are lots of opportunities to conserve energy with the choices you make. The Energy Star program recommends taking ... (more)