Frequently Asked Questions

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Submit a comment/question/concern: How do I submit a comment, concern or question to the Mayor or my City ...
You may submit comments, questions or concerns via Contact Henderson. You may also write to the Office of the Mayor and... (more)

Call Mayor or Council: Can I call my City Council Representative?
Yes. The phone number for the Office of the Mayor and City Council is (702) 267-2085. However, requests for service, s... (more)

Henderson Pavilion: How can I provide feedback on the future of the Henderson Pavilion?  
Please select "Submit a Request or Question" and provide your request.... (more)

My Elected Official: Who is my elected official?
The Mayor represents the entire city. The members of the City Council live in specific wards. While each City Council ... (more)

Meet/Appointment: Can I meet with the Mayor or a City Council Representative?
Yes. However, please bear in mind that the Mayor and City Council Representatives are not full time positions. Most co... (more)

City Council Agenda Item: How can I voice my support or opposition to an item on a City Council Agenda?
Please include the hearing date and either the application number or agenda item number when submitting comments.... (more)

Meeting/Appointment: How do I set up a meeting?
You may submit a request electronically through Contact Henderson (click the yellow link below). You may also call (702)... (more)

Invitation for Mayor or Council: How can I invite the Mayor or Council Representative to attend an event?
Please submit requests for appearances through Contact Henderson or in writing to the Office of the Mayor and Council, 2... (more)

Not Available To Meet: What if the Mayor or a City Council Representative is not available to meet?
The Mayor and City Council Representatives have full time staff to help you when you call, write or visit. They work as... (more)

Events/Ceremonies/Ribbon Cuttings/Monthly Meetings: What types of events do the Mayor and Council attend?
The Mayor and Council typically attend a variety of events including groundbreaking ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, communi... (more)

Request a Proclamation/Commendation: How do I request a proclamation or commendation?
You can request a proclamation online through Contact Henderson, or by writing to the Office of the Mayor & Council, P.O... (more)

Invitation Advance Notice: How much notice is required to invite a Council Representative to attend my event?
Council Representatives receive numerous invitations. In order to give proper consideration to your request, please all... (more)

Proclamation: What is a proclamation?
A proclamation is an official City of Henderson document granting or proclaiming recognition of a person, place or thing... (more)

Event/Appearance/Attendance: What if a City Council Representative is not available to attend my event?
If a City Council Representative is not available we would be happy to work with you to provide a member of our city sta... (more)

Group Homes: Could you provide me information regarding Group Homes in Henderson?
Group Homes ‘Neighborhood Care Facilities’ Toolkit provided by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Ser... (more)

Speaker/Speech: How do I request a member of council to speak to my organization or group?
Speaking requests should be addressed to a specific council member and submitted through Contact Henderson or in writing... (more)

Commendation: What is a commendation?
Commendations are similar to proclamations. However, a commendation is simply a recognition granted by the Mayor and Co... (more)

Proclamation/Commendation: Are all proclamation and commendation requests honored?
Please note that proclamations and commendations are granted at the discretion of the Mayor and Council. We cannot guar... (more)