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By Department Redevelopment

Redevelopment Areas: What are the current Henderson redevelopment areas?
There are five Redevelopment Areas in the City of Henderson:Downtown Redevelopment Area: As Henderson’s or... (more)

Redevelopment Projects : Why are redevelopment projects important to the City of Henderson's growth and sus...
The City of Henderson has earned national recognition for its quality of life and for the services it provides its resid... (more)

Developer Assistance: What type of assistance is available to developers interested in building in a rede...
The City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency offers assistance to developers who are interested in building in a redevelop... (more)

Redevelopment Agency : What is a Redevelopment Agency?
The Redevelopment Agency purpose and powers are established in NRS Chapter 279. The Agency serves as the governing board... (more)

Redevelopment Areas: What is a redevelopment project area?
The creation of Redevelopment Project Areas is a primary tool used by cities and counties to encourage commercial and re... (more)

Redevelopment Funds : How do Redevelopment Agencies secure funds?
The Redevelopment Agency uses a funding mechanism called "tax increment financing." On the date the Redevelopment Agency... (more)

Redevelopment: What is redevelopment?
Redevelopment is established by law through NRS Chapter 279, Redevelopment of Communities Law, to remove the characteris... (more)

Redevelopment Areas: How do current businesses within a redevelopment area benefit?
Existing businesses within a redevelopment area can take advantage of several opportunities to expand and enhance their ... (more)

Redevelopment Agency Property Acquisition: How can I find out if the Redevelopment Agency is interested in...
The Redevelopment Agency evaluates property purchase opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Our Redevelopment office can... (more)

Redevelopment Project Area : Of what benefit to a citizen is being in a redevelopment project area?
Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into older areas with social, physical, environmenta... (more)

Redevelopment Agency Property Acquisition: If a property owner decides to sell property to the Agency, who ...
The Agency would hire an independent appraiser to establish the fair market value of the property. If the owner is not s... (more)

Property Taxes: As a business or property owner in a redevelopment area, will my property taxes increase?
Only if property value increases. It is important to note that higher taxes from the sale, development or rehabilitation... (more)

Redevelopment Area Taxes: Does the redirection of property taxes in redevelopment areas have a negative imp...
During the life of the redevelopment area (30 years), other taxing agencies continue to receive base property tax revenu... (more)