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Firefighters gym:Why do Firefighters work out at public gyms?
Fighting fire is a very strenuous activity that requires fire personnel to be in top physical condition. Fire personnel... (more)

Fire Department Member: How can I become a member of the City of Henderson Fire Department?
The City of Henderson Human Resources Department establishes the hiring list for the Fire Department. For more infor... (more)

Firefighters shopping:Why do Firefighters shop for groceries while on duty?
Firefighters in the City of Henderson work a 24 hour shift, from 8 a.m. until 8 a.m. the following day. During the 24 h... (more)

Home Alarms: Does the City of Henderson Fire Department respond to a request from a home security/alarm mon...
The City of Henderson Fire Department will not respond to calls from security/alarm monitoring companies unless the resi... (more)

Fire Station Tour or Events: How do I set up a Fire Station Tour or Event with the Henderson Fire Department?
To set up any Event with the Henderson Fire Department, please click on the link and read our special guidelines and fil... (more)

Paying For Ambulance Transportation: Why do I have to 'pay for' ambulance transportation? I thought that's ...
If an ambulance responds to an emergency call and the citizen receives treatment at the scene but is not transported to ... (more)

Car Seat Checks: Where do I go to get my car seat checked or installed?
For the Henderson Area:The Barbara Greenspun Woman's Care & Family to FamilyCall: 616-4901 or 568-9601 for an a... (more)

Request a Fire Station Tour: How many people can attend a fire station tour?
The maximum amount of participants to attend a fire station tour is 30. ... (more)

Swimming Pools: Do you fill swimming pools?
We do not fill swimming pools; you must fill your pool from your metered water system. ... (more)

Fire Station: Where is my closest fire station?
Check for the closest fire station on our ... (more)

Fire or EMS Report: How do I get a copy of a Fire or EMS report?
Plese call the EMS Division at (702) 267-2285 or submit a case. ... (more)

Cat Rescue: Do you get cats out of trees, off telephone poles or roofs?
No. Try opening a can of tuna, placing it on the ground, and waiting for the cat to get down on its own. ... (more)

Fire Trucks/Sirens: Why do I see fire trucks with full lights and sirens go through a red light at intersec...
Sometimes several units are dispatched to the same incident. The first unit may have arrived on the scene, surveyed the ... (more)

Explorer Program: Do you have an Explorer Program?
Yes, please visit Explorer Program In... (more)

Old Gasoline/Oil: What do I do with old gasoline/oil/paint that I don't want?
Household hazardous waste, such as used motor oil, paint, and pesticides can be taken to the Republic Services transfer ... (more)

Public Education: What type of Community Services, Public Education Program, does Henderson Fire Department...
Please visit our City Website for a ... (more)

Locked Keys In Car: I locked my keys in the car, will you send an engine company to unlock it?
If it is an emergency (i.e., child or animal locked inside), the City of Henderson Fire Department will respond. If it i... (more)

Firefighters tactics: Why do I see firefighters cutting holes in the roof of a building on fire?
This is called "venting the roof". There are two basic reasons for this practice. Dangerous gases and dark smoke accumul... (more)

Request a Fire Station Tour: When can a fire station tour be scheduled?
Morning station tours are scheduled for 10:00 a.m.Afternoon station tours are scheduled for 4:00 p.m.... (more)

Fire Report: How do I obtain a copy of a fire report?
Please contact the EMS Division at (702) 267-2285.... (more)

Patient Care: Who do I speak with regarding medical treatment - how a patient was treated?
The Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division can address your concerns. Their number is (702) 267-2292... (more)

Request a School Visit: Can I get a firefighter to come out and do a school visit?
Yes, you can request a fire crew to come to do a school visit. Please review the following guidelines: School vi... (more)

Request for Fire Station Tours/School Visits: How long is a fire station tour or a school visit?
Fire station tours and school visits last approximately one hour.... (more)

Lost Items: Who do I contact regarding personal items lost during ambulance ride?
The Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division can address your concerns. Their number is (702) 267-2292... (more)

Fire Extinguisher: My fire extinguisher doesn't work, who do I call?
Check the Yellow Pages under "Fire Extinguishers" or contact one of the many companies available:Fire and Safety of ... (more)

Child or Pet Locked Inside Car: What do I do if I locked myself out of car / automobile / vehicle (animal l...
Call 911.... (more)

Homeland Security Colors: What do the different threat colors mean with regard to Homeland Security / Green...
Ryan Turner, our Emergency Management Coordinator, can answer your questions. His number is 702-267-2212. Or you can ob... (more)

Child Locked Inside Car: What do I do if I lock myself out of car / automobile / vehicle, emergency (CHILD ...
This is considered an emergency. Please call 9-1-1 immediately.... (more)

Blood Pressure: Where can I go to get my blood pressure checked?
Any fire station between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, they may be out of the station on a call or for trainin... (more)

Request a Fire Station Tour: What happens when a call for service occurs during my event?
If a call for service should occur please note:All fire stations are on an "on-call" status, which means ... (more)

MDA Boot Drive: Do you participate in the MDA Boot Drive?
Yes, please visit our City Website... (more)

Firesetting Intervention Program: How do I get information about the Youth Firesetting Intervention Program?
Call our Public Education Specialist, Kathryn Hooper at (702) 267-2284. ... (more)