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By Topic: Traffic Maintenance

Traffic Signal and Lights: How do I report a problem with a traffic signal, street light, pavement marking ...
If you live in a private or gated neighborhood. the street lights and traffic signs are the responsibility of the HOA. P... (more)

Traffic Signal Problems: How do I report a problem with traffic signal timing (skipped, short cycle, on fla...
Submit your concern below. If you need further assistance, call Traffic Services Maintenance at 702-267-3200.... (more)

Traffic Signal Problems: How do I report a problem with traffic signal coordination (between signals)?
Coordination between traffic signals valley wide is handled by the Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) ... (more)

Meter E-Tag: What is a meter E-Tag?
This topic is for developers and contractors requesting a street light or traffic signal meter pedestal approval in orde... (more)

Load Verification: How do I request a Streetlight Pedestal Load Verification?
Please select submit a request, register as a Contact Henderson User, complete the request, also include a point on map ... (more)

Damaged/Missing Stop Sign: How do I report a stop sign that has been knocked down, is damaged or that is mi...
This matter requires immediate attention. During normal business hours Monday-Thursday from 6 a.m. to 4 p... (more)

School Flasher: How do I report a problem with a school flasher?
Submit the form below or call Traffic Service Maintenance at 702-267-3200.... (more)

When Children Are Present Signs: Can I get information about the "when children are present" signs posted i...
The City of Henderson replaced traditional school speed limit signs in 2011. Traditional signs specified the exact times... (more)