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By Topic: Parks and Recreation

Tree Memorial: How does the City of Henderson's Celebrate Life Memorial program work?
The Celebrate Life Commemorative Program provides an opportunity to pay a long-lasting tr... (more)

Tax ID Number: What is the city's tax ID number?
The city's tax ID number is EIN 88-6000720. ... (more)

Pool Information: Where are your pools located, what are the hours, and what is admission?
The hours vary depending upon the pool and the time of year. For details, including amenities and contact information fo... (more)

Sports field usage: How can I reserve a City of Henderson sports field?
All field usage is scheduled by the Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department's Sports office using field allocation... (more)

Bees: Where do I call to report bees?
If you have found bees on your property, call the Bee Hotline at 702-229-2000 or 702-385-5853 for a listing of Bee Hotli... (more)

Volunteer Opportunities: Does the Parks and Recreation Department offer volunteer opportunities?
We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to suit most interests and schedules. To learn what's available and to dow... (more)

Damage or Vandalism: Who do I contact if I see damage or vandalism at a City of Henderson park?
To report damage or vandalism at a City of Henderson park, please call (702)267-4042 or e-mail ... (more)

Fitness memberships: What fitness memberships are available?
Check out our fitness memberships ... (more)

Suspicious Activity: There have been several times when I have used the park restroom and found used ...
... (more)

Park Rules: Is there a listing of park rules?
A listing of park rules is available at each of our parks and is also available ... (more)

Pickleball: Does the City of Henderson have any pickleball courts?
We have three tennis courts striped for pickleball. Two are located at Mission Hills Park (551 E. Mission Dr.) and one i... (more)

Acacia Park/Acacia Demonstration Gardens: Where is Acacia Park/Acacia Demonstration Gardens?
Acacia Park/Acacia Demonstration Gardens is located at 50 Casa del Fuego St. (at Gibson Road & Las Palmas Entrada Avenu... (more)

Cornerstone Park: Are fishing, swimming, and the use of remote-controlled boats allowed at Cornerstone Park?
While Cornerstone Park does feature a lake, it is not intended for recreational use and the water is not intended for hu... (more)

Youth Programs: What programs are available for my kids before and after school or during school breaks?
Our Youth Enrichment office can provide information about before- and after-school programs as well as programs offered ... (more)

Pet Restrictions at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: Are pets allowed at the Henderson Bird Viewing Pre...
Although we love pets, they are not allowed at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. This is for the safety of wildlife a... (more)

Activity Registration: How can I register for a Parks and Recreation class, program, activity, or event?
Register for most of our programs ... (more)

Before- and After-School Programs: What before and after-school programs are available?
We offer a variety of programs, including Safekey and Teen Scene. To learn more, visit us ... (more)

Sports Registration: How do I register for adult sports leagues (basketball, baseball, soccer, flag footbal...
Visit us ... (more)

Henderson Happenings Brochure: How can I obtain a copy of your brochure, Henderson Happenings?
Henderson Happenings is available at every Henderson recreation center and indoor pool. It is mailed three times each ye... (more)

Pets and Parks: Are pets allowed in the parks?
Pets are allowed in the parks but they must be leashed at all times. Some other rules include not playing in the splash ... (more)

Refund Policy: How do I request a refund for a class or program?
You can view our refund policy... (more)

Open Space Conditions: How do I report unsafe open space conditions?
To report unsafe open space conditions, call the Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department at 702-267-4000.... (more)

Future Parks and Trails: How can I find out about future parks and trails in my community?
You can learn about upcoming park and trail projects ... (more)

Cleanups: Is a trailer available for use for neighborhood cleanups and community projects?
Yes. The City of Henderson Commemorative Beautification Commission and the Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department... (more)

Feeding restrictions at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: Can I feed wildlife at the Henderson Bird View...
To maintain the natural environment of the facility, visitors may not feed the wildlife.... (more)

Meals on Wheels: Where can I find information about the city's the Meals on Wheels program?
For information about Meals on Wheels and other senior nutrition programs, visit us ... (more)

Unauthorized Use: How do I report unauthorized use at one of the parks or recreation facilities?
Unauthorized use in city parks or recreation facilities can be reported by calling the Parks and Recreation Administrati... (more)

Online Registration: How do I register online?
You can register for most of our programs and activities (with a few exceptions) ... (more)

Kids Zone/Teen Kamp payments: How do I make Kids Zone and Teen Kamp payments?
The first step is to reserve each week for which the child is expected to participate in Kids Zone (or Teen Kamp) with a... (more)

Summer camps: Does the City of Henderson offer summer camps for children?
Yes, we host several seasonal programs when school is not in session. Visit us ... (more)

Refunds: How do I request a refund for a park reservation?
You can view our refund policy... (more)

Lifeguard certification: Do you offer lifeguard certification programs?
Yes, we regularly offer lifeguard training certification programs at our pools and aquatic complexes. To see what is cur... (more)

Anthem Hills Park: Where is Anthem Hills Park?
Anthem Hills Park is located at 2256 N. Reunion Drive (Reunion Drive and Sonatina Drive). ... (more)

Contracted Instructor: How do I become a contracted instructor for the Parks and Recreation Department?
Interested individuals wishing to instruct a class or workshop may complete an application through Contact Henderson. Su... (more)

Recreational Swimming:What is recreational swimming?
Recreational swimming is open to all members of the public and includes the shallow areas of our pools. This is in contr... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: Where is the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve located?
The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is located at 350 E. Galleria Dr. For additional information and a map, visit us ... (more)

Transaction Statements: How do I obtain a copy of Kids Zone, Teen Kamp, Safekey and Teen Scene transaction ...
All receipts are available to view/print via your household online account. To access the information, log in, click on ... (more)

Field Conditions: Who do I call to report unsafe athletic or sports field conditions?
To report unsafe sports field conditions, call the Sports office at 702- 267-5717.... (more)

Metal detecting: Is metal detecting allowed in City of Henderson parks?
The use of personal metal detecting devices is allowed, but the digging of any holes or damaging of any turf is expressl... (more)

Registration by Mail: How do I register by mail?
You may register by mail using the registration form located in Henderson Happenings. You must already have an account w... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: What is the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve?
The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is home to hundreds of migratory waterfowl and several species of resident desert bi... (more)

Park and Trail Hours: What hours are the parks and trails open?
All parks are open daily from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Reservation hours are 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. All trails are open d... (more)

Beverages allowed at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: Can I bring water to the Henderson Bird Viewing Prese...
Yes, in fact we encourage visitors to bring plenty of water.... (more)

Contract Instructor: What kind of classes/workshops does the Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department ...
We look for classes and workshops that are unique or fill a community need, are marketable, and aren't already being off... (more)

Trail Watch Requirements: What are volunteer requirements for the Henderson Trail Watch program?
Volunteers for the Henderson Trail Watch are required to be at least 18 years of age, provide at least one hour per week... (more)

Trail Watch: What is Henderson Trail Watch and where can I get more information?
Henderson Trail Watch is a volunteer group dedicated to promoting safety and appropriate trail use by providing informat... (more)

Skateboarding: Where can I skateboard in Henderson?
We have seven skate parks located throughout the city. For more information, visit us ... (more)

Group Tours: Can group tours be scheduled at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve?
We can accommodate groups up to 30 people but reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. For more informat... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: How much time should I plan to spend at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve?
In order to fully experience the preserve, we recommend visitors plan to spend about two hours walking the grounds.... (more)

Bullying: What do I do if I feel physically threatened by a bully?
If you feel you are in physical danger as a result of being bullied, tell someone and report it to the police. ... (more)

Therapeutic Recreation: What kind of inclusion (adaptive) classes and programs (therapeutic recreation) do...
Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services can answer your questions. Their number is 702-267-4065. Learn more about th... (more)

Splash Pads: When are splash pads at the parks available and where are they located?
For a listing of locations and availability, visit us ... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve Activities: Are scheduled activities offered at the Henderson Bird Viewing ...
A variety of activities are available throughout the year. A current listing is available inside Henderson Happenings, w... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve Hours: When is the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve open?
Hours at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve vary by season. Visit us ... (more)

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve Attire: What should I wear when I visit the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve?
Since visitors can expect to do a lot of walking, we recommend that you wear clothing appropriate for the season, includ... (more)

Bullying: Should I get involved when I see someone is being bullied?
Bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances. You should get involved by always reporting the bullying incident imm... (more)

Bullying: What is bullying?
Bullying refers to chronic, systematic acts of aggression inflicted with the intent of causing physical hurt or psycholo... (more)

Bullying: What do I do if I witness someone being bullied?
If you witness someone being bullied and you would like to report it, a case can be created in Contact Henderson. You ma... (more)