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Henderson Welfare Office: Where is the welfare office located?
If you need assistance from the Nevada Division of Health and Human Services Welfare Division you can reach them by call... (more)

Home Purchase Assistance: How can I get assistance to purchase a home?
Neighborhood Services administers a program to assist with down payment and closing costs for qualifying applicants when... (more)

Home Buyer Program: Do you have a First Time Home Buyer Program?
Yes, the City has a first time home buyer program. Your income and/or your place of employment and where you wish to pur... (more)

Henderson HOAs: Is there a list of all the HOAs in Henderson?
Neighborhood Services maintains a database of identified Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in Henderson. Please contact Heat... (more)

Tenants Rights/Eviction: What are my rights as a tenant being evicted?
Please contact the Tenants Rights Center at 383-6095 for eviction and tenants rights information.... (more)

Homebuyer program: What resources are available to help purchase a new home?
Home Again is a new program that makes easier for homeowners in Nevada to determine what state and federal assistance ma... (more)

Block Party: I would like to hold a block party in my neighborhood. Is there a guide to help me with planning?
Neighborhood Services has created a ... (more)

Help paying rent: I'm about to be evicted. Can I get help paying my rent?
The non-profit organization HopeLink may be able to assist you. HopeLink offers an array of support services to families... (more)

HOA Problems: I'm having a problem with my HOA, who can I call?
Contact the office of the Ombudsman for Owners in Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels at 702-486-4480 or ... (more)

Assistance for homeless: Who can help me with homelessness assistance issues?
HopeLink A Henderson Family Resource Center is available to all Henderson residents. This ... (more)

Childcare and daycare: Are there any resources to help low income families with childcare?
The Las Vegas Urban League has a childcare subsidy program that provides financial assistance to income eligible ... (more)

Volunteer Partnership Program: I am interested in donating my time to better the Henderson community. What ...
Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The City's Volunteer Partnership can help! Visit... (more)

Lead Hazard Control: What is the Henderson Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program?
The Henderson Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develo... (more)

Home Repairs: How can I get home repairs made to my residence?
If you meet eligibility guidelines, Neighborhood Services facilitates both deferred and low-interest loans. Deferred loa... (more)

HOAs: How do I find an HOA?
To locate an HOA, visit the City's interactive HOA ma... (more)

Mediation: I can't get along with my neighbor. We fight constantly. What can I do?
You may wish to use the Henderson Satellite Mediation Program, a free service that brings parties together to resolve a ... (more)

Home repair/rehabilitation: Do you have a home repair / rehabilitation program?
The City has a program that provides grants or low-interest loans to homeowners. Your income will determine your eligibl... (more)

Nevada 2-1-1 Assistance: What is Nevada 2-1-1 Assistance?
Nevada 2-1-1 helps people find and give help. For more Information please visit the ... (more)

City Contacts for Neighborhood Issues: I have multiple issues/concerns about my neighborhood and I am unsur...
Please contact Emily Lewis, Senior Neighborhood Programs Specialist, at (702) 267-2008 or by email at Emily.Lewis@cityof... (more)

Interest-Free Deferred Payment Loans: What can I use this loan for?
The loan can only be used to make improvements on your owner occupied residence.... (more)

HOA Information: I know the name of an HOA, but I am looking for contact information. Where can I obtain th...
HOA contact information is available on the City's interactive ... (more)

Group Cleanup: My neighbors and I want to clean up our neighborhood. Can the City help?
Through the ... (more)

Home Enrichment Landscape ProgramIs there a program to assist with landscape improvements?
Home Enrichment Landscape Program can be used for blight or turf removal. • Applicant must qualify based on hous... (more)

Ombudsman: I am having a dispute with my HOA. Who can I contact for help?
The Nevada State Ombudsman assists in mediating or arbitrat... (more)

Enhancement Grant: Our neighborhood group wants to enhance and beautify our neighborhood, but we need fundi...
Neighborhood Services offers the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant, which provides up to $2000 in matching funds to registe... (more)

Landlord Problems: How can I get help with a problem I'm having with my landlord/tenant?
Contact the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center at (702) 455-5855. ... (more)

Enhancement Grant: What types of projects are eligible for the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant?
Your registered neighborhood group may use the grant for projects that benefit the entire neighborhood. Examples include... (more)

Block grants: How much funding is available?
HUD CDBG funding is determined annually. During the past few years the City has received approximately $1.2 million. F... (more)

Group Cleanup: How can I get a dumpster placed in my neighborhood for a weekend cleanup?
Through the ... (more)

Foreclosure : My credit has been ruined because of a foreclosure or short sale is there anything that I ca...
Home Again is a new program that makes easier for homeowners in Nevada to determine what state and federal assistance ma... (more)

Weatherization Program: What is the Weatherization program?
The weatherization progam is designed to assist with making a home more energy efficient. Low-income families have the o... (more)

Homlessness: I, or someone I know is homeless. Who can help?
HopeLink A Henderson Family Resource Center is available to all Henderson residents. This ... (more)

Unwanted paint, oil, batteries: How can I dispose of unwanted paint, oil, batteries and other items?
Each year in May, the City holds a community cleanup called Henderson Shines. You can learn more at ... (more)

CC&R's: How do I get a copy of my CC&R's?
The City of Henderson does not maintain CC&Rs. You may contact the HOAs' management company or the Clark County Recorder... (more)

Help pay Utility bill: I can't pay my utility bill this month. Can you help me?
The non-profit organization HopeLink may be able to assist you. HopeLink offers an array of support services to families... (more)

Neighborhood Stabilization: How are the Neighborhood Stabilization (NSP) Funds Used?
The funds can be utilized to assist families in purchasing foreclosed and short-sale homes at a discount within ... (more)

Lead Hazard Control: I live in a pre-1978 house, could I have lead hazards?
Yes! If you rent or live in pre-1978 housing your home may contain lead-based paint. Overtime, paint deteriorated and re... (more)

Henderson Shines: What is Henderson Shines?
Henderson Shines is a community cleanup held each year in May. Learn more at ... (more)

Neighborhood Stabilization: What is the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)?
Through Federal Recovery Acts, a total of $2 billion in NSP1 and NSP3 funds were provided to communities hardest hit by ... (more)

Mediation: Does the City offer community mediation?
Yes, Neighborhood Services offers free mediation at Henderson libraries. To start the process, call (702) 267-2000 or vi... (more)

Lead Hazard Control: Who is qualified for lead hazard control and healthy homes work?
Qualifications for enrollment and services from the Henderson Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program are as follo... (more)

Volunteer Partnership Program: My elderly family member needs help cleaning up their yard. Can the Voluntee...
Yes! Visit ... (more)

Interest-Free Deferred Payment Loans: When will I have to pay the loan back?
The loan does not have to be paid until you sell or move from your residence.... (more)

Senior/Disabled Assistance : How can a senior/disabled resident get assistance on cleaning his or her yard?
Visit Volu... (more)

Section 8: Who do I contact for Section 8 rental housing?
The City of Henderson does not have a housing authority. Section 8 housing is handled through the Housing Authority of... (more)

Homelessness: I have seen homeless persons frequenting the same place and I think it is a problem. Who do ...
If you observe illegal activity, call the Henderson Police Department at 267-5100.For referral to so... (more)

Help for the Homeless: I’m concerned about homelessness. How can I help?
Thank you! Unfortunately no one can "solve" homelessness. We all have to work together.You can begin your invol... (more)

Group Cleanup: Who do I contact if a neighborhood wants to get dumpsters to assist with a cleanup project?
Contact Emily Lewis in Neighborhood Services at (702) 267-2008 or (more)

Interest-Free Deferred Payment Loans: Do I have to be below a certain income level to qualify for this loan?
Yes, your income must be below 80% of Area Median (AMI). For more information, please visit our website on ... (more)

Community Resources: Do you have a list of community resource contacts or support information?
HopeLink A Henderson Family Resource Center is available to all Henderson residents. This ... (more)

Emergency Repair Grant: What is the Emergency Home Repair Grant?
The Emergency/Repair Grant can assist very low income homeowners anywhere in the City, in making immediate repairs to th... (more)

Enhancement Grant: I am going to apply for a Neighborhood Enhancement Grant. How are the volunteer hours ca...
Volunteer labor is calculated at the rate of $18 per hour. Learn more about the Enhancement Grant ... (more)

What is the "If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..."Essay Contest?
Coordinated by Neighborhood Services, this annual essay contest is opened to all Henderson 5th graders. Five winning ess... (more)

Foreclosure: Who can I contact if I am at risk of foreclosure or struggling with my mortgage payments?
Home Again is a new program that makes easier for homeowners in Nevada to determine what state and federal assistance ma... (more)

Ombudsman: I am a board member on my HOA and would like to learn my rights and responsibilities.
The Nevada State Ombudsman can assist you with this. They ... (more)

Block grants: When are applications available?
Applications are available around the first week of October on the City's Neighborhood Services webpage for grants and a... (more)

Clark County Assessor: Where can I find information or access the clark county assessor?
You can access the Clark County Assessors ... (more)

Social Services: Who do I contact for info on services for persons living with a disabilty?
RAGE (Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently) offers a variety of services to person living with a disability. They have vari... (more)

Neighborhood Leadership Forum: I am on my HOA/NHA board or manage a Henderson HOA. Is there a venue for me ...
The Neighborhood Leadership Forum... (more)

Volunteer Partnership Program: How can I get volunteers to help me with graffiti cleanup, yard work, or sim...
The city of Henderson Volunteer Partnership can help! Visit ... (more)

Resources: Are there any resources available to Neighborhood Leaders?
The Neighborhood Leadership Forum and Neighborhood Services E-Inform are two of the many resources available to neighbor... (more)

Rent Assistance: Who do I contact for rent assistance?
You can call HopeLink at 702-566-0576 for rent assistance. ... (more)

HOA Board Updates: I am on my HOA board or manage an HOA and would like to receive information on programs ...
To receive information on the Neighborhood Services E-Inform, please complete an ... (more)

Mosquitoes: Who do contact regarding mosquitoes and West Nile Virus?
Contact the Southern Nevada Health District at 702-759-1220 or go to ... (more)

Volunteer Partnership Program: Does the City of Henderson screen potential volunteers?
No, the City of Henderson does not screen potential volunteers. The inclusion of any organization or person in the Volun... (more)

Neighborhood Association: How do I form a Neighborhood Association?
Emily Lewis in Neighborhood Services can provide information on forming a Neighborhood Association. Emily can be reached... (more)

Neighborhood Association: My neighborhood does not have a homeowners' association. Where can I get informat...
Emily Lewis in Neighborhood Services can provide information on forming a Neighborhood Association. Emily can be reached... (more)

Redevelopment Areas/Home Owners Assistance: How do I qualify for the Homeowners Assistance in the Redevelop...
The applicant's home must be located in either the downtown or eastside redevelopment areas. For more information, go to... (more)

Foreclosure: My home is worth less than my mortgage. Who can I contact if I am interested in modifying an e...
Home Again is a new program that makes easier for homeowners in Nevada to determine what state and federal assistance ma... (more)

Programs for the disabled: Are there any rental programs for the disabled in Henderson?
There are several low income rental housing units in Henderson. Click here to see the list for ... (more)

Foreclosure: How do I avoid foreclosure?
Information on avoiding foreclosures can be found at the ... (more)

Volunteer Partnership Program: Does my group need to be a registered non-profit to request volunteers?
The only requirement to register your project is that it must benefit Henderson residents. Projects registered with Volu... (more)

Block grants: What is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
The City collaborates with nonprofit organizations utilizing U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development funds to improve ... (more)

Paying off/Refinancing loan: Who do I contact to get information on paying off or refinancing my loan for t...
Neighborhood Services can help you with that. The number is (702) 267-2010. ... (more)

Block grants: Is our organization eligible for CDBG?
Organizations with State & Federal Tax Exempt determinations with projects that principally benefit low/moderate income ... (more)

Unemployment Agency: How can I get help/resources if I am currently not working or just got laid off?
You can access the Unemployment Website or call 702-48... (more)