Frequently Asked Questions

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By Department Building and Fire Safety

Permit Application: As a homeowner, can I apply for my own permits?
If you are the registered owner of the home, and it is your primary residence, you may pull your own building permits. T... (more)

Permit Information: Where do I find information regarding permits?
Permit information can be found at our Building & Fire Safety page on this website - ... (more)

Adopted Building Codes: What are your currently adopted building codes?
The 2018 editions of the ICC building, residential, mechanical, plumbing, energy, fire and pool codes, as well as the 20... (more)

Building/ Fire Inspector: How do I get in touch with my Building or Fire inspector?
You may call our Building & Fire Safety Department at 702-267-3900. Please have your permit number ready when you call.... (more)

Fire Code Violation: How do I report a fire code violation?
You may call our Fire Inspection Division at 702-267-3900 or fill out the request form on this website.... (more)

Public Fire Hydrants: Who do I contact regarding maintenance of a public (yellow) fire hydrant?
Our utilities department is primarily responsible for the maintenance of public hydrants. You may contact them at (702) ... (more)

Poor Construction: If I know of or see poor construction techniques being used, what can I do?
You may call our Building Inspection Division at 702-267-3900 and ask for a miscellaneous inspection - info only or fill... (more)

Private Fire Hydrants: Do I need a permit for a private (red) fire hydrant and who I contact regarding the ...
The owner of the property is primarily responsible for maintenance of private hydrants - this includes ensuring water is... (more)

Pool Safety: Where can I find information on the code and standards for pools?
View our ... (more)

Block Wall: If I have or see a block wall with major cracks or that might fall, what do I do?
You may call our Code Enforcement Division at (702) 267-3950 or fill out the request form on this website.... (more)

Contractor Concern or Board of Appeals: How do I register a concern against a contractor or file an appeal ...
To register a concern against a contractor, please go to the web site of the ... (more)