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Who do I contact for questions about my Medi-Cal case?
You may contact the Orange County Service Center at (800) 281-9799 during business hours to speak to a worker about y... (more)

Where do I get a business license?
To apply for a business license, please contact the city in which the business principally operates. If the business ... (more)

How do I report a change to my Medi-Cal case worker?
Please contact the Orange County Service Center at (800) 281-9799 to report changes to your case. Exa... (more)

Who can help me with questions about marriage licenses and ceremonies?
For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department at (714) 834-2500 and... (more)

How do I report a food facility for health code violations?
The Environmental Health Division investigates consumer complaints regarding food, safety and sanitation at all retai... (more)

Once the license is issued, where can we get married?
The Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department performs civil wedding ceremonies at the Old Orange County Courthouse in ... (more)

What do I have to do to open a food facility and obtain a health permit?
If you buy an existing food facility and do not change the building or the equipment, call (714) 433-6000 to find the... (more)

How do I apply for Medi-Cal?
You may apply for Medi-Cal benefits:Online at the ... (more)

How can I contact Child Support Services?
Physical Location, Map & Driving Directions1055 N Main StreetSanta Ana, CA 92701Customer... (more)

Once we have the marriage license, do we need to get married in Orange County?
No, the license can be used within 90 days anywhere in California.... (more)

What is the Orange County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority?
The County of Orange Board of Supervisors, with the establishment of an Ordinance on February 5, 2002, created the Or... (more)

How much does it cost to record a document?
That depends on how many pages you have and what kind of document it is. For a fee schedule, please visit ... (more)

What is the Medical Safety Net (MSN) Program? (formerly MSI)
The Medical Safety Net (MSN, formerly the MSI program) is Orange County’s safety-net program for lawful Orange ... (more)

Where do we go to get a marriage license?
You can visit the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department at any of our offices to apply for a marriage license.... (more)

How can I send the County of Orange a compliment, complaint or suggestion about the services it provides?
Please select the related agency or department from the Department Feedback topic under Step 1. Next, scroll down to ... (more)

Do we have to apply for a marriage license in advance?
Yes, Couples must complete their marriage license application online prior to visiting any of our offices. Appointmen... (more)

How do I search for property records?
You can search for property records online and in our office. Our department features a searchable Online Grantor/Gr... (more)

I applied for health coverage through Why am I receiving information from Medi-Cal?
Covered California and Medi-Cal use the same application. This means that when you apply, depending on factors such a... (more)

Where do I find the inspection violations for a restaurant or food facility?
Click here for restaurant and food facility inspectio... (more)

What services are provided by Adult Mental Health Services?
Adult Behavioral Health Services provides recovery mental health services and episodic treatment services which emph... (more)

Do I need an appointment to have a civil marriage ceremony performed by the Clerk-Recorder Department?
An appointment is not necessary, but highly encouraged. You can make an appointment and fill out your application onl... (more)

How is my Medi-Cal application processed?
When the County receives your application, it will be assigned to an intake Eligibility Technician (ET). The worker w... (more)

How do I file a State Hearing?
You may file a formal complaint against the County of Orange Department of Social Services by calling or writing:... (more)

How can I access the Affordable Housing List?
Housing & Community Services maintains a listing of numerous apartment communities and properties constructed through... (more)

Where do I go to get a copy of a birth, death or marriage record (vital records)?
The Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department maintains copies of birth, death and marriage records for those events th... (more)

What is the County Executive Office?
The mission of the County Executive Office is to support and implement Board policy and direction through corporate a... (more)

Who can be called about mold in a rental home or apartment?
The Environmental Health Division of the Health Care Agency has collected advisory literature from a number of agenci... (more)

Where do I get divorce records?
The County of Orange does not maintain divorce records.For divorce record information, please contact the ... (more)

How much does it cost to get a marriage license?
A public marriage license is $61. A confidential marriage license is $66.... (more)

I ate at a restaurant near my home and became sick later that evening. How do I report this to the health d...
All reports of possible foodborne illness reported to this Division are investigated. If you believe that you became ... (more)

Who can help me with questions about vital records?
For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department at (714) 834-2500... (more)

Where do I get more information about property records?
For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department at (714) 834-2500 and... (more)

Who can get Medi-Cal?
People in many different categories potentially qualify for Medi-Cal. Some are listed below:Individua... (more)

Where do I go if I'm not eligible for Medi-Cal and have missed the Covered CA open enrollment period?
If you are an adult between the ages of 19 to 64 with annual income between 138% and 200% of the Federal Poverty Leve... (more)

What is Covered California?
Cover California is where Californians can get brand-name health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and see if t... (more)

Will I be eligible to Medi-Cal?
Medi-Cal eligibility is based primarily on your income and, sometimes, your "... (more)

How much does a civil marriage ceremony cost?
A civil non-sectarian wedding ceremony is $28. ... (more)

How can I post bail/bond for an inmate?
Bail can be posted at the IRC Cashier's Office for Inmates at the IRC, Men's Jail, Women's Jail and James Musick Jail... (more)

Where can services be obtained for alcohol and drug abuse?
The best way to obtain information on where to receive services related to alcohol or drug abuse is to phone OC Links... (more)

What is CalWORKs?
The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program is the State implementation of the Fede... (more)

How can I request records from the Social Services Agency?
Subpoenas for Social Services Agency (SSA) RecordsSubpoenas for records of SSA clients must be ... (more)

Who can help me with questions about document recording?
You can speak directly with a document examiner by calling (714) 834-2500.... (more)

What is Operation Santa Claus?
Operation Santa Claus provides gifts and toys to Orange County children in need, including: children whom have been a... (more)

Where do I go to get a copy of a property record?
The Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department has four offices: our main office in downtown Santa Ana (12 Civic Center ... (more)

Can you help me to fill out my deed so that I can change the title to my property?
The Assessor Department cannot advise owners on title changes. You should contact an attorney or a title company... (more)

How can I make reservations for a wedding or special event at the Dana Point Harbor?
Reservations for OC Sailing and Events Center can be made by calling (949) 923-2215. More information can be fou... (more)

If I'm an authorized person, how can I get a copy of a vital record?
You can request a copy of a vital record by mail or in person. If you request a copy by mail, you must fill out ... (more)

How do I file a Civil Rights Complaint?
You may file a Civil Rights Complaint by e-mail (State only), writing, calling or in person (Orange County):... (more)