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How do I start a case in small claims court?
You must bring the action where the Defendant resides, is employed, or has a place of business at the time you start the... (more)

What is Small Claims Court?
Small Claims Court handles cases for claims of $3,000 or less. The Town Justice in Small Claims Court only has the power... (more)

How can I use Small Claims Court?
You can use Small Claims Court for many different types of cases. A few examples are given below. Remember, your claims... (more)

Do I need a lawyer to go to small claims court?
No. Lawyers are not necessary in Small Claims Court, but you can use a lawyer.... (more)

What are the costs involved with Small Claims Court?
Filing Fees: $10.00 for claims of $1,000 or less $15.00 for claims exceeding $1,000 Filing fees mu... (more)

Who can use Small Claims Court?
You must be an individual 18 years or older. Under 18 years, action must be brought by a parent or guardian. Corporation... (more)