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Copies of Planning Documents: How can I get copies of plans or exhibits from a planning or master sign plan file?

Customers now have access to view entitlement files online. Before submitting a records request, please visit the link below and enter your search information. In the case of archived microfilm records, you may still need to submit a records request to have the film converted.

Plan Search

You can also call us at 702-267-1500.

If you do need to submit a records request, please allow processing time of up to five working days from the date of request. Electronic requests and file copies provided electronically are generally processed much faster. Printed copies are 10 cents per page (20 cents per page for 11x17 copies). Larger documents may require use of an FTP site or provision of the documents on a compact disc ($1 per disc). More extensive requests may also necessitate a $31.50 per hour research fee.

Please note that many “older” files are on microfilm, which can be printed or converted to electronic/PDF files for a fee of 10 cents per page, again with the hourly fee for large projects.