Frequently Asked Questions

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Small Claims, Restitution: How do I file a small claim court action in Henderson and where can I get the forms to start the court proceeding?

Small Claims Court actions are civil lawsuits involving an amount in dispute of $10,000 or less and the defendant is a business or person residing or doing business in the City of Henderson. Small Claim actions are filed in the Henderson Justice Court located at 243 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015. The Justice Court is a Clark County department NOT a City of Henderson department. The City of Henderson has no jurisdiction over small claims actions.

You can learn more about the Small Claims process, the filing fees, and the forms for filing a small claims action at the Justice Court webpage or by calling the court directly at (702) 455-7951.

Pay or Receive Restitution Payments:  Whom do I contact?

The Special Programs and Services Division of the Henderson Police Department coordinates and schedules restitution payments involving misdemeanor cases from the Henderson Municipal Court. The office is located at 243 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015. The telephone number is 702-267-1350.