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Capital Improvement Program: What is the Capital Improvement Program?

Also known as the CIP, the Capital Improvement Program is the process of prioritizing our needed improvements worth over $50,000 each. Required by state law, the comprehensive, six-year strategic plan details these capital expenditure projects within the City, including estimates of their associated recurring operations and maintenance costs. Examples of CIP projects are regional drainage facilities (detention basins), water treatment and transmission facilities, sewer transmission mains, freeway interchanges, City buildings, traffic signals, City technology projects, and parks and trails.

The first year of the Program reflects the City's proposed capital infrastructure plan as adopted by City Council with the City's final annual budget. The remaining five years of the Program outlines a tentative City-wide plan of expenditures, whether currently funded or unfunded, designed to help coordinate projects, assist with prioritization of City projects at a higher level, and enhance the City's long-range planning effort.