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Water Main Shutdown: How do I submit a request for an existing water main shutdown in order make connections associated with new construction?

This requires a request through Contact Henderson be completed including all pertinent information; Contractor’s Company Name and address, contact information, Project Name and Location, Permit Number, description and location of the work, the reason for the shutdown request, date requested and duration of the shutdown.

Your request must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the requested date excluding Holidays, Saturday or Sunday. City of Henderson Public Works Quality Control will review your request for pertinent information that is needed to process your request. If all necessary information is provided, your request will then be forwarded to our Utilities Field Operations Department.

City of Henderson Field Operations will review your request and do the research necessary in order to facilitate the shutdown. Based on their research, they will contact you and coordinate the actual shutdown. Any shutdowns that affect current water customers will require written notification to those customers 24 hours prior to the shutdown. Shutdowns affecting businesses and /or several customers may require work be done at night. Water main shutdowns for private water systems require the shutdown be facilitated through Meter Services Department. Contact City of Henderson Mater Meter Services to request a Meter Shutdown.