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Business License: I'm a contractor conducting business in the City of Henderson. However, my office is located elsewhere. Do I need a City of Henderson license?

If your location is in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or unincorporated Clark County you will license with that jurisdiction and identify to them on the multi-jurisdictional contractor's license application that you will also be working in the City of Henderson (non-primary jurisdiction). You will pay the applicable license fee that will be remitted to the City of Henderson. If you are not located in one of the specified jurisdictions, you will first obtain your license in the jurisdiction in which you are located. You may then apply to the City of Henderson as your primary jurisdiction under the multi-jurisdictional contractor license. If you have already applied to one of the three specified jurisdictions (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or unincorporated Clark County) as your primary jurisdiction, you will contact that jurisdiction to notify them that you wish to add the City of Henderson as a non-primary jurisdiction. If you have further questions, please contact the Business License office at (702)267-1730.