Frequently Asked Questions

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By Department Development Services Center

DSC Electronic Plans resubmittal: How do I resubmit plans electronically?
... (more)

DSC Revision submittal: How do I submit revisions to a plan electronically?
If you are submitting revisions to an existing plan on a permit that has already been issued ev... (more)

DSC Registration: How do I register?
How to Register for an Online AccountStep 1: To begin the registration process, go to http://dsconline.cityofhen... (more)

DSC Payment Options: What are my options for paying a permit?
Development Service Center (DSC) What are my options for paying a permit? ... (more)

DSC Schedule link: I can not see the Schedule link next to the inspection(s) I want to schedule?
If you can not see the Schedule link then you are not linked appropriately to this permit. If you are not the Prime co... (more)

DSC Plans Pick up: How do I pick up approved plans that were submitted in paper while the City of Hend...
If you have approved documents in paper and you need to pick them up, request a pick up time by... (more)