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Salvation Army's Angel Tree: How do I apply for the Salvation Army's Angel Tree?
The Salvation Army is accepting applications for Christmas Assistance. Residents of Henderson, Boulder City, Searchligh... (more)

How do I meet with the City Manager?
Please submit your request to meet with the City Manager in writing via Contact Henderson, or call the office at (702) 2... (more)

I have a question about Union Village.
The city of Henderson has sold the property identified for the Union Village project. Any questions related to Union Vi... (more)

I received your survey in the mail. Why is “Hispanic” separate from “Race”?
We want to compare the demographic profile of those responding to thedemographic profile of the municipality as pres... (more)

West Nile Virus: Who do I contact if I'm concerned about stagnant or green water or exposure to West Nile V...
We've gathered information on the ... (more)

I received your survey in the mail. I doubt that you are interested in my opinion, since I rarely leave my ...
Yes, the government is here to serve all residents, and it is important to us that we get feedback from a complete cross... (more)

Special Budget Adhoc Committee (SBAHC): Where do I get more information on the SBAHC?
To view more city of Henderson SBAHC information... (more)

I received a survey in the mail. How did you get my address?
Your address was sampled at random from a list of all addresses from the post office. This is a standard service offered... (more)

I received your survey in the mail. I am the person in my household who most recently had a birthday, but I...
We would prefer that you complete the survey. The “birthday method” described in the letter creates the most representat... (more)

I received a survey in the mail. What is the purpose of requesting the person who most recently had a birth...
We have randomly selected households within our jurisdiction to receive the survey. We would also like to choose in an u... (more)

Swine Flu: How do I know if I have been exposed to the Swine Flu and where can I get more information?
The Southern Nevada Health District provides... (more)

I received a survey in the mail, and while I own the property that it was sent to, I don’t live there. What...
The resident of the property should complete the survey.... (more)

I received a survey in the mail, but I live outside of the jurisdiction for which this survey was meant. Wh...
Option 1: Please complete the survey. Even though you live outside theboundaries, you may use our services or partic... (more)

I have received two copies of your survey. If I filled out the survey when I first received it, should I fi...
No, please don't fill it out again. Because responses are anonymous, we don't know who already completed a survey. Since... (more)

I was not sent a survey, but I would be happy to complete one, and I think you should be interested in my o...
The sample was designed to be as representative as possible of the population of our city, so by sending copies of the s... (more)