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By Topic: Tax & Assessment Information

What is the balance due on my Tax Bill?
If you are paying a full or an installment payment after the due date indicated on your tax bill, interest will be added... (more)

Is my STAR exemption in place? Do I have all my exemptions I’m entitled to?
The Tax Office can tell you if you have your STAR on your current tax bill, but you will need to contact the Town Assess... (more)

Are there exemptions for Town & County taxes available?
Senior(Aged-Low Income); Veteran; Disability; for more information contact the Assessor's office.... (more)

Where do I mail my school tax bill and what portion of the bill is to be returned?
The tax bills are to be mailed to Andrew Conlon, Receiver of Taxes, Town of Greece, One Vince Tofany Boulevard, Greece, ... (more)

What is STAR program?
STAR is a school tax relief program that provides a partial exemption from school property taxes for owner occupied; pri... (more)

How can I get historical tax information?
If you are looking for what you paid within the last five years you can view your payment history at ... (more)

Where do I mail my Town or County tax bill?
Full payment along with all installments should be made out to Andrew Conlon and mailed to 1 Vince Tofany Blvd. Greece, ... (more)

Does the Town accept Credit Card payments for taxes?
Yes but only available via the Internet; and a 3% fee is charged.  For credit card payments, go to www.monroecounty... (more)

What Determines the Amount of a Property Tax Bill?
The level of a property tax bill is determined by two factors: the property's taxable assessment and the amount to be ra... (more)

What if I didn't receive my tax bill?
If you have an escrow  account with your bank, they receive the bill and you are mailed only a receipt. If your tax... (more)

What if I have questions about my Tax Bill?
You can stop into the Office of the Receiver of Taxes located in the Service Mall at the Town Hall or contact the Tax Of... (more)

Is there a deadline for filing any tax exemptions?
March 1st of the current year.... (more)

Town and County and School Tax Checks Should be Made Payable to Whom?
Andrew Conlon, Receiver of Taxes. NOTE: 2nd & 3rd installments of school tax bill are payable to "Monroe County Treasure... (more)

What if I have Questions About My Assessment?
The Town of Greece Assessor's Office is available to answer your questions and to insure you fully understand the proces... (more)

How do I get my address changed on my tax bill?
Contact the Assessor's Office.... (more)

Can I get my tax receipts for last year's taxes in order to file my income taxes?
Yes, Go to Monroe County and click on “View/Pay Taxes Online.” F... (more)

How do I receive a tax bill, when I have paid off my mortgage?
If you no longer have an escrow through your mortgage, you will be responsible for paying your tax bills. The Tax Offic... (more)

What are the options available to challenge my assessment?
Please visit our website for more information: ... (more)

How do I Investigate A Property Tax Foreclosure?
Contact the law firm of Phipps Lytle, LLP at 238-2000.... (more)

What are the true tax amounts?
True tax amounts are shown on the Monroe County website, Monroe County... (more)

What are the differences between market value, assessed value, and sales price?
Market Value: The probable price that a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller in an open real estate market wi... (more)

I paid off my mortgage, but I did not receive my tax bill... How do I get a copy of the bill?
If you don't receive a copy of your tax bill submit a request or call to ask for a copy of the bill. We will document y... (more)

What Do I Do in the Event of a Name Change (Death, Marriage, etc.)?
Bring legal document (death certificate, marriage license) to the Assessor's Office at the Town Hall so that the records... (more)

The Previous Owner received the Bill And Has Moved, the Bill Belongs to the New Owner. What Should I Do?
Either return the bill to Andrew Conlon with the new owner's name or forward the bill directly to the new owner. Additio... (more)

What do I do if I receive my tax bill and I have an escrow account with the bank that pays my taxes?
Mail or take the bill to the bank responsible.... (more)

What Determines the Tax Rate?
The "tax rate" is determined by the amount of the tax levy. To arrive at this amount, the taxing jurisdiction (County, t... (more)

What is an Assessment?
A property's assessment is a calculated level of market value. The Town of Greece works diligently to keep the assessmen... (more)

When the calculations are complete, will I be notified of my new assessment?
Yes, provided there is a change. All property owners will be notified of their new assessments. Mailings will be sen... (more)

How do I check to see if my house is foreclosed? TEST
Check with your bank. TEST... (more)

Why is a valuation update done?
In accordance with New York State Law, the Town of Greece is required to maintain up-to-date assessment records.... (more)

What is an Exemption Removal?
Term used when the current owner benefits from an exemption that the previous owner received. The new owner may not be e... (more)

What is Property Tax?
Counties, cities, town, villages, school districts, fire districts and special districts are funded through the real pro... (more)

How do I prepare for an Informal Hearing?
REVIEW REAL ESTATE LISTINGS AND RECENT SALES Select properties of similar style: Ranch (single story), Coloni... (more)

How is the valuation update performed?
Market data and property information is constantly being reviewed by the Assessor's staff. This information will be used... (more)

What is Tax Levy?
The amount of money to be raised by taxes.... (more)

Are there any delinquencies on a particular tax account?
The Monroe County Treasury handles delinquencies. Please call them at 753-1200 with any delinquency questions for taxes... (more)

Does a valuation update mean I will pay more taxes?
The assessment process is performed to correct inequities that creep into the assessment roll. When this happens some pr... (more)

Why did my escrow go up? Did my taxes increase and if they did why?
There are a number of reasons why your escrow or taxes increased. Either your assessed value increased, or you have dif... (more)

Will the appraisers need to enter my property during the valuation process?
No, the only time such a review would be necessary is when special conditions arise whereby an internal inspection would... (more)