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What company provides cable TV service in the City of Beverly Hills?
Time Warner Cable provides cable TV services for the City of Beverly Hills. For installation or service questions contac... (more)

Who can I call if I have a problem with my cable TV service?
For questions or concerns regarding your cable TV service or cable TV bill, please contact Time Warner's customer servic... (more)

What authority does the City have over cable TV rates and franchising?
Congress deregulated all service rates for cable TV and broadband (internet) services. The City has no control over wh... (more)

I have a problem or complaint with my Highspeed Internet service through Time Warner. Who can help me?
Internet/Broadband services are fully deregulated per Federal law. The City has no regulatory or franchise authority ov... (more)

I have a problem with my local or long distance phone service (telecommunications) through Time Warner. Wh...
The City has no regulatory franchise authority over phone services provided by Time Warner or any other telecommuication... (more)

Why was a channel changed/moved/removed from my Time Warner cable system?
Time Warner Cable's (TWC) agreements with programmers and broadcasters to carry their services and stations routinely ex... (more)