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What is the street lighting policy and procedure?

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes receives numerous requests regarding the installation of street lights. The primary purpose of street lights is to provide drivers with quick, accurate and comfortable visibility at night. A major cause of accidents at night is poor visibility. Street lights aid in reducing these accidents and facilitating the traffic flow.

Citizens should realize that street lights are provided for traffic safety, not property security. It is true that street lights do provide some amount of security in residential areas. This, however, is not their primary intent, and they are never installed for security reasons alone.


The City of Boiling Spring Lakes pays approximately $20,000 annually for street light operations. This cost does not include new street light installation, or existing street light upgrading. The annual maintenance cost is between $89 and $107 (if pole is needed) per street light. The cost for installing and maintaining a new street light will be paid for by the City of Boiling Spring Lakes. The residents can request the installation of upgraded street lights. The City of Boiling Spring Lakes requires that the installation cost for the upgraded street lights be paid for by the residents.


It is the intent of the City of Boiling Spring Lakes that the developer installs and funds all street lights needed in a subdivision, or commercial area, at the time of electric utility facilities.

In accordance with Article 8, Part III of the City's Unified Development Ordinance, street lights shall be installed in residential areas at 400 to 600 foot intervals, and shall be provided at each intersection, and at the ends of all cul-de-sacs.


Requests for street lights where no lighting already exists will first be evaluated for the need to install a light system on the roadway, or development, in accordance with the Unified Development Ordinance of the City of Boiling Spring Lakes. Installation of a single independent light will only be approved on a case-by-case basis after completion of an evaluation for validating a lighting problem.

It is the responsibility of the individual making the street light request to complete the a Street Light Request Form, and to ensure that the request contains all required information, including:

1. Requestor's name, address, telephone number and reason for request
2. Exact location (street address) of the requested street light (e.g; pole between 628 and 632 Elm St.)
3. Pole number for the adjacent existing street lights
4. Drawing showing the location of the requested street light, street width, and distance of the existing street light(s) to the requested street light
5. Petition with the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and signatures of residents on both sides of the street within 200 feet of the proposed street light, whether in support of, or opposed to the installation of the street light (the petition must indicate that at least 75% majority of residents support the requested installation; property owners shall provide the necessary utility easements for electrical service to the light at no cost to the City of Boiling Spring Lakes)

Upon approval of the installation of the street light by the City Manager, the City will request necessary easement, at no cost, to be provided to the appropriate electric company for the purpose of installing the street light.


The intent of this policy is to evaluate all requests as to the need for lighting of streets within the City of Boiling Spring Lakes, to ensure the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. All street light installations shall be in accordance with the design criteria as described in the Unified Development Ordinance by the City of Boiling Spring Lakes as referenced above. Any exception to the design criteria will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All approved street lights will be installed subject to the availability of City funds.


For more information about street lights, please contact the Public Works Department at (910) 363-0025, ext. 2001.

To submit a street light request, please complete the Street Light Request Form on the City's Website under the Public Works link.

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